If you’re looking for an in-depth review of’s resume distribution service, you’ve come to the right place.

We heard good things about Resume Robin but hadn’t tried it out, so we decided to take a closer look and write a detailed review with all the pros and cons.

UPDATE: As the job search landscape has changed in recent years, we no longer recommend paying for a resume distribution service.

We DO NOT recommend spending money on ResumeRobin.

You can continue reading below for why, and what we recommend doing instead to:

  • Get more interviews
  • Spend less time job searching
  • Feel calmer and less frustrated in your job search

Overall, we feel job search tactics such as networking and applying directly to companies that interest you will be MUCH more effective in the current job market and we’ll explain why coming up.

In fact, networking is the #1 fastest way to get a job if done correctly.

Also, if you do insist on using a resume distribution service, we feel a better option might be’s similar service because they’re a larger firm that seems to offer better customer service, support and reliability in our personal experience over the past 2 years.

Review of Resume Robin and Other Resume Distribution Services – Pros and Cons

First, what is a Resume Distribution Service?,, and other sites offer resume distribution services for job seekers, for a fee.

You join with your email, submit your resume, and they distribute it to hundreds of career websites job boards, recruiters, etc.

Unfortunately, in today’s job market – it’s about the quality of your applications, not quantity. You should try to be networking, applying directly to companies, finding a few niche job boards for your industry, etc.

(And job boards should really only be 20% of your overall effort, too).

So while a resume distribution service like Resume Robin or could be a small part of your job search, we don’t think you should be relying on it.

(FYI if you do still want to use one, we recommend’s distribution service because they’re a larger company and more reliable, in our experience).

Pros of Using a Resume Distribution Service

1. Save time

The first big advantage of using a resume distribution service is saving time. With the click of a button and a relatively small fee, you get your resume in front of a huge amount of employers almost instantly.

This would take days or even weeks on your own. So a resume distribution service lets you save time so you can focus on preparing for interviews, or resting and relaxing while their software handles the toughest part of your job hunt – applying for positions.

Resume Robin and are two of the bigger names in this space, so they share your resume with more hundreds of job boards and employers.

That’s a TON of visibility for you, but as mentioned earlier, sending out a mass-email of your resume might not get the results you expect in today’s job market.

It might also get you a lot of spammy, non-relevant leads (despite Resume Robin and both doing their best to limit this)

Here are some of the larger job boards that Resume Robin claims to post your resume to, for example:


…And over 100 more.

2. Reach more employers

Along with saving time, you’re simply reaching more employers than you ever could if you applied one-by-one.

So even if you have a lot of free time on your hands, it may be worth using this service to give yourself the best chance of landing a job.

Remember – each day you spend unemployed or looking for a new job, is a day you’re NOT in your new job, earning money.

However, reaching an employer doesn’t do you much good if they don’t reply to your resume and invite you to interview, right?

So we strongly suggest focusing more on getting referred to employers through your network and other better, modern job search tactics.

Here are 3 good ways to find jobs in today’s marketplace.

3. Simple to use

During our review of Resume Robin, we did find the website and user interface was easy to navigate. It appears to be a little bit outdated but makes up for it in simplicity and speed.

When you visit the website, you’re asked for your email address, and then you enter some basic details on the next couple of pages.

resume robin review

That’s it. After filling out these simple forms, you’re done and they handle the rest for you.

4. Testimonials and proof from past customers

Resume Robin has been in business since 2011, so it’s natural that they’ve collected some good customer testimonials.

Here are two video reviews from happy customers…

Resume Robin Review:

Another Resume Robin Review:

However, these videos are from 2014 and 2017, when using a resume distribution service was a lot more effective.

The current job search landscape has changed and we’d really encourage you to spend more effort in personalized, targeted job applications such as:

  • Talking to your network to get referred to employers/hiring managers for their jobs
  • Applying directly on company websites on their “careers” page
  • Etc.

Cons of Using or Resume Distribution

We already talked about the biggest concern we have about this type of service throughout this article – it’s just NOT the way to approach your job search in the modern job market.

Sending out mass resume mailings isn’t going to get you interviews necessarily – it’s just going to get your resume on job boards.

It won’t help you stand out from all of the other job seekers applying in these dated, “oldschool” methods that are working less and less each year.

Also, there are a few other cons:

1. It comes with a cost

That’s one downside.

Neither ResumeRobin nor’s resume distribution services are free.

2. Some ResumeRobin users reported resume formatting issues

You may need to re-upload your resume a few times to get it looking right on, based on reviews we read.

We didn’t see the same complaints on but it’s possible that’s an issue there as well.

3. The potential for spam

One other potential concern is spam or too many emails.

ResumeRobin and other similar services claim they do everything they can to limit spam, which we don’t doubt, yet it’s always difficult to limit 100% of spam.

With your resume going to hundreds of different places when you use a service like this, we can’t promise you’ll have a spam-free experience.

This is true of’s resume distribution service, too. We’re just not comfortable saying, “you won’t get spammed,” because it’s always a possibility when sending your information around the web!

How Resume Robin and’s Distribution Service Actually Works

Maybe you’re still undecided or want more info on how  and other resume distribution services actually work.

Here are the steps showing exactly what happens, based on ResumeRobin’s own description on their website…

What to expect when you use to distribute your resume

  1. You upload your resume into their system, and it is saved in their database.
  2. The system shares your resume with top job boards, career websites, recruiters and more.
  3. Your resume is flagged as “priority” on the job boards and job portals so you come up first when employers and recruiters search for candidates.
  4. For many recruiters, they email your resume directly or upload it into the recruiter’s Applicant Tracking System so they can review your details
  5. Hiring managers and recruiters see your resume and contact you about relevant jobs that are available right now, so you can get more interviews and get hired in less time.

Conclusion – Should You Use Resume Robin (Or Any Other Resume Distribution Service?)

If you have the money to spend, there’s no harm in trying, but we feel is the much better choice for distributing your resume.

We’ve had some really poor experiences personally with ResumeRobin’s support this past year and we can’t comfortably recommend them right now.

If you do want to give your job search a small boost, you can absolutely get your resume in front of more employers and recruiters with a distribution service like what offers.

The cost is low ($39.95 at at the time of writing this), and if you get even two or three more interviews from this, it could end up being worth it.

However, none of these services should be the bulk of your job search effort, and job boards in general shouldn’t be, either.

The bulk of your job search efforts should be spent away from resume distribution services and away from job boards!

Employers want to see direct, personalized applications in today’s job market.

A direct email. A direct application on their website. A message to a hiring manager on LinkedIn. Or best of all – a referral or recommendation introducing you to the employer, by someone they know and trust.

Here are some articles on how to do all of this. These are the better ways to get job interviews in the modern job market: