How to Get More Interviews: Advice From a Recruiter

Unlock the Secrets to Landing More Job Interviews: Insider Tips from an Experienced Recruiter. Learn the strategies that can boost your visibility, make your application stand out, and increase your chances of securing that crucial interview in today's competitive job market.

Discover how to get more job interviews

This page has everything you need to write the perfect resume and get interviews when applying for jobs. Keep reading for our best resume tips, LinkedIn strategies, ideas for networking, job boards, and more ways to get interviews.

Resume Sections & Examples

Your resume is the main factor in whether you get job interviews. (This is explained in this article). Use the tips and examples below to build a great resume so you can get more interviews and find a job faster. 

Resume Writing Tips

Having the essential resume sections and info is a good starting point, but with 100+ applicants per job on average, you also need a few tricks to stand out. Use the resources below to make sure your resume grabs attention and gets noticed when applying.


LinkedIn is a powerful networking and job search tool. And many hiring managers check your LinkedIn even if you applied via a different method. So no matter what, you’re likely to find a job faster if you build out a great profile and learn to use the platform.

Applying For Jobs

How you apply matters! There are strategies that will get you far more interviews from your efforts, and the resources below will help you do this.


Never apply online if you have a direct connection to the company. You’ll get more interviews if you can get introduced by someone they know! The articles below will help you reach out to your network (and new people) to get introduced to employers. 

Cover Letters

Some employers ask directly for a cover letter, and others don’t. Knowing when to send a cover, and what to say in your letter, are essential parts of job searching. The resources below will walk you through everything you need to know.

Starting & Planning

Spending a day planning your job search can save you weeks once you start. The articles in this section will help you plan and think ahead to make your job search more effective.

Job Boards

You should never rely entirely on job boards to get interviews, but they can be a useful piece of any job search strategy. The articles below contain the best job boards for various niches and industries, plus tips for how to best use them. 


Recruiters can be a big help in your job hunt, but they primarily work for the employer, not you. That’s who pays them! The resources below explain how recruiters really work and how to get them to help you.