What Do Employers Look for in an Interview?

What Do Employers Look for in an Interview?

Employers are looking for more than just good answers in your job interview. Based on my experience as a recruiter, I’m going to share everything an employer looks for in a job interview when they decide who to hire… so you can prepare better, feel more confident, and land the job. The Top 3 Qualities […]

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Why Career Change- Interview Question and Answers

Why Career Change? Interview Question and Answers

Any time you look to make a career change, you’ll face the interview question “Why are you changing careers?” And if you aren’t prepared to answer, it can result in job rejections and potential failure in your job search. As a former recruiter, I’m going to share: How to answer the “Why career change?” interview […]

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Is Udacity Worth It - Nanodegree Review

Is Udacity Worth It? Nanodegree Review

The opinions and assessments shared on Career Sidekick are our own. We may earn commissions from purchases made after visiting links on our site. Udacity offers a wide range of cost-effective “Nanodegree” programs to get you ready for careers in areas like: Digital marketing Software development Machine learning Data analysis Much more But is Udacity […]

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Entry Level Job Interview Questions and Answers

21 Entry-Level Job Interview Questions and Answers

If you’re looking for entry-level job interview questions or trying to land an entry-level position, this article will help you immediately. As a former recruiter, I’m going to share: 21 common interview questions for entry-level jobs How to answer with no work experience Sample word-for-word responses Common traps and mistakes to avoid Let’s get started… […]

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How do you prioritize your work - conflicting priorities interview question

How Do You Prioritize Your Work? (Interview Question)

Most jobs require you to manage multiple tasks, and you’re going to face competing priorities. So employers ask interview questions like “How do you prioritize your work?” or “Tell me about a time when you had conflicting priorities at work.” And if you can’t show the employer that you’ve got a proven system for time […]

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Who inspires you example answers - interview question

Answers to “Who Inspires You?” (5 Examples)

In a job interview, employers don’t just want to know you can do the job; they want to know about your life and interests. So they ask interview questions like, “Who inspires you in your life?” or “Who is your greatest inspiration?” And if you struggle to answer or give a response they don’t like, […]

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quitting job without another lined up - should you do it

Should You Quit a Job Without Another Lined Up?

If you’re wondering, “Can I quit my job before finding a new one?” the answer might surprise you. Most people will tell you to never do this, but as a former recruiter and someone who has left past jobs with no alternative lined up (and ended up being okay), I think it makes sense in […]

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dealing with job rejection - how to handle rejection after interview

Job Rejection After an Interview? Here’s How to Handle It

Most of us have been there… rejected for a job you were perfect for and thought you were going to land. But what should you do next? As a former recruiter, I’m going to share 11 tips for dealing with job rejection after an interview so you can land a new job faster. Ask for […]

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best excuses to miss work

Best Excuses to Miss Work (Last Minute/Short Notice)

If you need to miss work, including on short notice, this article will give you the 9 best excuses to do it. Calling out of work doesn’t need to be difficult, but if you give the wrong reason, it could leave your boss doubting you and could even get you fired in some states. So […]

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peer interview questions and answers

12 Peer Interview Questions and Answers

If you’re wondering what questions are asked at a peer interview and how to answer them, then keep reading. In a peer interview, the interviewer is an employee at the same or similar level to you. They’ll be looking mainly for cultural fit and team fit. They’ll ask questions designed to uncover your personality, interests, […]

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good examples of problem solving for job interviews and cover letters

26 Good Examples of Problem Solving (Interview Answers)

Employers like to hire people who can solve problems and work well under pressure. A job rarely goes 100% according to plan, so hiring managers will be more likely to hire you if you seem like you can handle unexpected challenges while staying calm and logical in your approach. But how do they measure this? […]

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if you saw a coworker stealing what would you do - interview question

If You Saw a Coworker Stealing, What Would You Do? (Answers)

If you’re interviewing for a job where you’ll be handling cash, it’s common for hiring managers to ask, “What would you do if you saw a coworker stealing from the company?” And there are a couple of key things you should do when answering this interview question if you want to get the job. As […]

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