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What to Say in a Job Interview to Get the Job

What to Say in an Interview to Get the Job – 7 Tips

Wondering what to say in a job interview to land the job? In this article, I’m going to reveal some specific phrases that will help you succeed. If you want to have a great interview and get hired by top companies, there are certain things you should make sure to say before you leave the […]

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the fastest way to get a job

The Fastest Way to Get a Job

If you’re looking the fastest way to get a job, this article will walk you through everything you need to know. I’m going to show you 3 reasons that networking is the best way to get hired quickly, and how to use proven networking methods to land a great job (even if you have almost […]

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social media job search

4 Tips to Prevent Social Media from Hindering Your Job Search

Your social media accounts are snapshots of your life. Your photos, comments, and thoughts are stored in perpetuity once they are posted online, which can be great for a walk down memory lane but not so great when you are looking for a new job. By now we’ve all heard the news: recruiters often actively […]

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video job interview tips

8 Video Job Interview Tips to Get You Hired

Video interviews usually take place after a phone screen but before an in-person one. In fact, it has become quite common to have two or more virtual interviews before you ever head on over to an office to meet someone face-to-face. Below are 5 Video Interview Do’s and 3 Don’ts to help you nail it! […]

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How to Find a Job After College – 3 Best Ways

If you just graduated or are looking for a job after college, this article will show you the 3 best ways to get hired. Then, at the end of the article I’ll share a few of my other best tips to help you land a great job, so keep reading to the bottom. Let’s get […]

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best ways to find jobs

The 3 Best Ways to Find Jobs Online and Offline in 2018

In this article I’m going to walk you through the best ways to find jobs quickly and easily, without wasting time or having to submit tons of applications on job boards without hearing back. We’ll look at the 3 best ways to find jobs online and offline, and then I’m going to give you a […]

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artificial intelligence resume

How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Resume Writing

Artificial intelligence is already making its mark on many industries. Computer algorithms can sort through and make sense of more data in a day than a human could in a lifetime, and it’s impacting how we look at information related to healthcare, sports, advertising and more. But what about resume writing and job searching? I […]

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4 keys to conduct a successful job search

How to Conduct a Successful Job Search – 4 Things Top Job Seekers Do Differently

I’ve been fortunate to interview many successful career professionals throughout my career, and have had the opportunity to pick their brains about what worked (and what didn’t!) during their job searches. Common themes have emerged. Here’s a list of 4 things most would do differently if turning back time was an option. These tips will […]

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Common Panel Interview Questions and Answers

Common Panel Interview Questions and Answers

Panel interviews can be stressful and intimidating, but in a lot of ways, they’re similar to any other face-to-face job interview. And the answers you give will be similar as well, with a few adjustments. In this article, I’ll cover what to expect in your panel interview, and the common questions and answers to know! […]

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phone interview dos and donts

Preparing for Your Phone Interview – Do’s and Don’ts for 2018

Once you’ve applied to a job post, you may be invited to do a phone interview. This is an indication that the recruiter has reviewed your resume and found that you have the basic skills and experience required for the role. The goal of the phone interview – or phone screen – is to weed […]

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Top 10 Tips for Interview Success

Top 10 Tips for Interview Success (From a Recruiter)

After working as a recruiter for most of my career, I’m going to share the top 10 tips for interview success that I picked up over the years. If I could only recommend 10 things to focus on before your interview, this would be it. These are the interview success tips that will have the […]

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Get organized in job search

5 Ways to Get Organized and Save Time in Your Job Search

Job searching takes time. Lots of time. Much of this time is wasted on tasks that can be simplified–if not completely cut out–by getting organized during the job search process. Here are five tips to help you get organized in your job search so you aren’t bogged down with busy-work. With your new found time, […]

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