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Career insights from industry experts and seasoned career coaches.
Each interview offers practical advice for professional growth, career progression, and skill enhancement.

Advice From Industry Leaders

Ever wondered how industry leaders climbed their way to the top?

We have picked the brains of leading professionals across various fields to provide you with the most accurate career advice.

Our series delves into different industries, offering profession-specific insights and strategies from those who have navigated their way to success. Gain access to invaluable tips and practical wisdom that can help you excel in your chosen field, directly from the experts.

Gain practical advice and wisdom from the minds of industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and career trailblazers. Each interview offers readers an exclusive glimpse into the career trajectories, strategies, trends. and personal experiences that have shaped the careers of each expert. Their stories illuminate the paths to success, revealing not just the triumphs but also the challenges and setbacks that come with professional journeys.

Howard Wolkowitz focuses on trust and integrity in insurance sales, advocating for persistence, continuous learning, understanding client needs, and the importance of listening and communication skills.

Riad Ardahji shares valuable insights, professional advice, and expert tips for aspiring industrial engineering professionals in this exclusive interview.

Daniel Akerele emphasizes continuous learning, mentorship’s value, and certifications in civil engineering, advocating for sustainable practices and technological adaptability for career advancement​.

Franck Pachot emphasizes continuous learning and practical experience in database technology, advocating for community involvement, adapting to AI and cloud changes, and valuing certifications for professional growth.

Brenton Harrison advocates for continuous learning in finance, valuing certifications like CFP®, mentorship for skills, focusing on quality client relationships, and using online content to showcase expertise.

Anna Boiko focuses on the power of market research, highlighting the need for data analysis, effective storytelling, and the use of digital tools to drive marketing, sales, and product development strategies.

Taleen Khzouz emphasizes the significance of strategic skills, people management, and embracing AI in finance, advocating for networking and continuous learning to advance in leadership roles​​.

Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, a versatile psychologist, highlights the diverse roles in psychology, including prescribing medication, and encourages building a strong network.

Sam G. Huszczo, a seasoned finance expert, emphasizes the importance of communication, creative problem-solving, and ethical practices in finance, alongside AI’s impact and the importance of continuous learning.

Sam Baker, a seasoned Civil Drafter/Designer, discusses his diverse career, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, adaptability in technology use, and effective communication in civil drafting and design.

Dr. Joel Shertok Featured Image

Dr. Joel Shertok, with decades in chemical engineering, discusses essential skills for success, the dynamic nature of the field, and the importance of continuous learning and mentorship for aspiring engineers.

Jove Meyer, a renowned NYC event planner and designer, shares his journey in the industry, discussing client-focused planning, adapting to trends, and promoting equality and inclusion.

Bonnie Low-Kramen, a seasoned executive assistant, shares insights on the role’s evolution, emphasizing details, emotional intelligence, and resilience, while providing advice for aspiring assistants.

Advice From Top Career Coaches

Who is more qualified to give you career advice than the world’s most renowned career coaches?

Search for your specific interests and challenges below, where these experts share their invaluable insights. From navigating career transitions to mastering the art of networking, find tailored guidance that resonates with your personal and professional growth journey.

Gain expert advice and analyses applicable to those at any stage of career. From fresh graduates stepping into the workforce to seasoned veterans seeking a career pivot, our interviews with seasoned Career Coaches serve as a compass for navigating the complex terrains of professional development.

Kevin Mede offers resilience strategies for law enforcement professionals, focusing on understanding motivations, managing personal time, networking for support, volunteering diversely, and pursuing hobbies for a balanced lifestyle​.

Kelan Sarnoff guides new dietitians on emphasizing internship experiences and key accomplishments on resumes, preparing diverse interview stories, and advancing careers with tailored resumes and strategic interviewing for leadership roles.

Melanie Coeshott advises accounting and finance professionals on balancing technical and soft skills, emphasizing continuous learning, adaptability, effective communication, and embracing new technologies for career advancement.

Liz Taplin advises educators on career satisfaction, focusing on overcoming fear, embracing tech, and aligning career goals with personal values for meaningful transitions beyond teaching​.

Featured image of Melissa

Melissa Carvalho focuses on salary negotiation and achieving career fulfillment, stressing the importance of understanding one’s value, negotiating beyond salary, and enhancing soft skills for impactful career pivots and growth.

Emily Liou advises job seekers on blending AI tool use with authenticity, emphasizing proactive employer alignment, showcasing soft skills, strategic job search phases, and the importance of emotional intelligence and balance.

Steve Tippins advises doctoral students on dissertation strategies, emphasizing a balance between perfectionism and progress, accountability, effective time management, and strategic academic preparation for diverse career paths.

Kyle Elliott advises tech professionals on networking and personal branding, highlighting the importance of engaging authentically on platforms like LinkedIn and maintaining up-to-date profiles.

Fabiana Leal emphasizes authenticity in LinkedIn profiles for career development, advocating for genuine About sections, strategic use of recommendations, and engaging, humorous networking while avoiding overly salesy approaches.

Meg Duffy focuses on aiding tech professionals in career changes, highlighting the need for self-reflection, skill assessment, overcoming imposter syndrome, and seeking mentorship to navigate and succeed in tech transitions.

Adam Ross Nelson emphasizes skill development for data science careers, highlighting Python proficiency, leveraging existing skills, structured learning, portfolio prioritization over formal degrees, and continuous knowledge updates through reading.

Mark Ross advises finance professionals to showcase technical skills, innovate resumes with projects, polish resumes, highlight hobbies for personalization, and use strategic negotiation for better job offers.

Zach White advises engineers on stress management, viewing challenges as opportunities, promoting routine rest, and focusing on clear career aspirations and self-awareness for growth​​.

Kathy Caprino advises women on career growth, focusing on researching company culture for equality, negotiating salaries despite gender bias, highlighting leadership skills, and networking for mentorship​.

Featured image of Aylin Round

Aylin Round offers guidance for those starting in architecture, emphasizing skill enhancement, early networking, and CV/portfolio customization for the UK market​.

Noelle Gross emphasizes resume enhancement and strategic LinkedIn use, focusing on ATS optimization, effective networking, and interview strategies to facilitate job search success​​.

Featured image of Adunola

Adunola Adeshola advises on mastering job interviews, highlighting tailored preparation, authentic engagement, and strategic post-interview actions, with a focus on work-life balance for professionals​​.

Featured image of Jasmine

Jasmine Escalera focuses on empowering women of color by enhancing workplace visibility, strategic networking, and advocating for self, aimed at leadership roles.

Margaret Buj Featured image

Margaret Buj offers strategies for excelling in interviews, highlighting the importance of thorough company research, effective use of job descriptions, and strategic communication, aimed at making a memorable impression​​.

Featured image of Julia Toothacre

Julia Toothacre advises on navigating career transitions, focusing on self-assessment, leveraging strengths, and setting realistic goals, to foster professional development and adaptability.

Featured image of Marlo

Marlo Lyons, an experienced career coach and executive strategist, offers insights on aligning careers with values, exploring new industries, and transitioning effectively.

Featured image of Rhona

Rhona Barnett-Pierce emphasizes leadership empathy, authentic recruitment, and personal branding, focusing on inclusive policies and adaptable talent strategies in the modern workplace.

Featured image of Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Brock highlights the serving mindset’s role in career advancement, focusing on trust-building, personal branding, and team dynamics by aligning with others’ goals.

Tammy Gooler Loeb, provides advice on leadership development, effective networking, and setting career goals aligned with personal values, focusing on proactive growth and adaptability in the modern job market.


Chelsea Jay shares insights on navigating workplace challenges, effective salary negotiation, performance review strategies, and fostering leadership qualities and team culture in a dynamic work environment.


Katelyn Richards, a career coach, shares strategies for using LinkedIn effectively, focusing on networking, content creation, and leveraging LinkedIn analytics for career growth and building professional relationships.

featured image Adrienne

Adrienne Tom, an executive resume writer, shares insights on evolving resume trends, emphasizing the balance of AI and personalization, strategic storytelling, and the importance of LinkedIn optimization for career advancement.

Austin Belcak featured image

Austin Belcak shares innovative job search strategies, emphasizing non-traditional networking, the Portfolio Strategy for showcasing value, and the importance of personal branding and consistent networking in competitive markets.

Colleen featured image

Colleen Paulson offers advice for Gen X and Baby Boomers on career transitions, focusing on overcoming ageism, effective resume writing, and leveraging digital tools for networking and job searches.

Teegan featured image

Teegan Bartos emphasizes on impactful resume writing, successful career shifts, and modern job search techniques, focusing on building a strong personal brand and strategic networking.

featured image virginia

Virginia Franco shares insights on resume writing in the digital age, emphasizing concise storytelling, personalization for job applications, and adaptability in changing job markets.

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