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What Do You Know About Our Company? Interview Answer

By Biron Clark


Employers love to ask, “what do you know about our company?” in the job interview. There are a few things they want to hear, and a few things they do *not* want to hear. So in this article, I’m going to reveal how to give a great answer to this question… while avoiding the potential traps and mistakes that can cost you the job.

Then we’ll look at 3 sample answers for “what do you know about our company?” so you can practice and come up with your own answer.

Let’s get started.

Why Interviewers Ask “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

There are a couple of reasons why employers ask this question in interviews.

The first reason is they want to make sure you did some research before applying. They don’t want someone who’s applying to 200 positions per day without even looking or caring what type of job they get. Why? Well, employers want someone who will be motivated and work hard in their job. And they figure if you have thought about your job search and have specific reasons for applying, then you’re more likely to really like their job. Whereas, if you’re just applying randomly to as many jobs as you can find online, there’s a greater chance you won’t like their job… which means you might leave, lose motivation, etc. That’s how employers see it.

Companies ALWAYS want someone who’s being careful and selective in their job search.  If you don’t know anything about their company, why did you want to interview? Or how do you know you won’t hate working for them? So they ask, “what do you know about the company?” to see how much research and preparation you’ve done for this interview. And to impress them, you need to be ready to get specific and name facts and details you read about their company.

Now let’s look at how…

Watch: How to Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

How to Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

The best way to answer, “what do you know about our company?” is to name specific facts you found while researching the company that demonstrate you understand their business and got to know their organization before applying. You can name facts you discovered on the company website, social media channels, news articles and more.

Here’s an example of what a good answer will sound like. We’ll look at more sample answers later in the article, too.

“What do you know about the company” example answer:

“I read on your website that you’re one of the top data security companies in the US, and that you serve more than 40 Fortune 500 companies including some of the biggest tech companies like Microsoft and IBM. I also read a recent news article that mentioned you’re looking to expand into providing these services for financial institutions as well. Is that right? And can you tell me more about that?”

This is a great sample answer for, “what do you know about this company?” because it shows you did research and are able to name specific facts about their company. You’re also going to stand out by ending your answer with a question for the interviewer.

This turns the interview into more of a back-and-forth conversation which will help the hiring manager see you as a colleague – and someone they should hire!

What NOT to Say in Your Answer

There are a couple of things that will definitely not impress the interviewer when they ask “what do you know about our company?”

If you know absolutely nothing, it’ll kill your chances at getting the job. If you did no research and try to lie and cover it up, it’s even worse. So make sure you actually know a few things about the company. It only takes 5 minutes of research to prepare for this question.

And finally, saying things that aren’t accurate or correct will also hurt your chances of getting hired. It’s better to know one or two facts that you’re sure about than to walk into the interview with 10 facts and get half of them wrong. So keep it simple and just know 2-3 basic facts about the company.

Facts to Mention When Answering This Question

I mentioned above it only takes a few minutes of good research to have a few facts you can respond with. But what exactly should you look for, and where?

To prepare for this question, I recommend going on the company website and looking for:

  • What do they sell or how do they make money?
  • Who is their typical customer?
  • Approximately how many employees do they have?
  • When were they founded?
  • Who are some of their biggest competitors, and do they do anything to differentiate themselves?
  • Do they have a mission statement on the company website? What is it?

Those are just a few examples. You can research other areas of the company too. You just need a couple  of facts you can respond with when they ask this question. Just show them you read about them and know the company you’re interviewing with. That’s the goal.

Use their social media profiles to try to learn more about the company.

You might find some unique information here about recent developments, and mentioning this can help you stand out from other job seekers when you answer what you know about the company.

Search Google News for the company name.

This will help you find even more relevant, new information about the company like new projects, announcements, growth reports, and other great information you can name to show that you took the time to know their company.

Sample Interview Answers for “What Do You Know About Our Company?

Now that you know what to say, and what not to say, let’s look at more sample interview answers for when they ask what you know about their company. We looked at one example answer earlier, but I want to give you a few more so you can be 100% confident that your own answer sounds right.  These are all good answers that would impress the interviewer. Try to come up with an answer similar to these when you prepare for your interview.

“What do you know about our company” sample answer #1:

“I know you’re one of the biggest providers of payroll software, and you were founded in 2012 when your CEO realized many small businesses spend far more than they should on payroll, which hurts their growth. The story on your website’s “about us” page was interesting, and it seems like there’s a big need for this product based on how quickly you’ve grown. I read that you doubled in size last year, and you are on track to do it again this year.”

“What do you know about our company” sample answer #2:

“I know that your company is one of the largest investment banks in the US. Your headquarters is in Raleigh, NC, and you have 25,000 employees worldwide based on what I read on your website. I’ve known about your company for a couple of years now because I’ve been working in this same industry. Your company is one of the names I think of in this industry, which is why I was excited to apply for this job when I saw it posted on your website.”

If you follow the example answers above, show them you’ve done your research and know what type of company you’re interviewing with, you’ll do fine on this question. This is not one of the more difficult interview questions to answer, and as long as your response sounds similar to the two sample answers we just looked at, then you’ll impress the employer.

Sample Answers for Various Industries


“I know that you’re the leading female-owned women’s health, GYN, and nutrition clinic in Nova Scotia. I know that patients pay an annual fee that covers their membership, quick visits,  an annual exam, and access to physicians 24/7. I know that your focus is on holistic, nutrition-based solutions and that you only prescribe medicines as a last resort, which I support wholeheartedly.” 


“I know that your head chef is the second-youngest to have earned three Michelin stars and that the flying pigs on the restaurant walls allude to days when his father used to scoff at his dreams, saying, “Maybe when pigs fly.” Your driving principle is that fine dining is less about luxury than it is about unique experiences – something I strongly believe too. Is it true that people wait for as long as 18 months to enjoy the restaurant’s wonderland interior and avant-garde Cantonese-Asian-inspired cuisine?”


“I know your NYC branch, where I hope to be assigned, made it into Insider Trends’ Best New Retail Concept Stores list with its incredible 72-hour dream closet concept, where customers can borrow items from the signature line to wear to events. I know that, as a promotional strategy, you’ll be holding monthly events for influencers and their friends at the store, doing everything from pastry-making to French lessons surrounded by the world’s finest fashion. I’d love to know, have you booked the first influencer yet?”

One Secret Strategy to Stand Out when Answering, “What Do You Know About the Company?”

You now know the basics of how to answer this interview question. However, there’s one tactic you can use to really make them love you when you answer this.

Here it is…

If you can compliment them or show exactly why you were excited to apply for their job and interview at their company, it’ll make your answer even better. You’ll notice this is happening in sample answer #2 above. When you tell a hiring manager, “Your company is one of the names I think of in this industry,” it’s a huge compliment. It’s going to make them feel proud about working for this company, and it’s going to reassure them that you’ll be motivated and work hard in this job! There are a few major factors that employers look for in interviews, and one of the biggest is: Do you seem to truly want this job? Most job seekers think about proving they can do the job. But employers won’t hire you unless you also prove you want the job. Employers are TERRIFIED of hiring someone who quits after a few months, doesn’t try hard, brings a toxic attitude, etc… even if you have the necessary experience.

Don’t give a compliment that isn’t true, though…

If you’re talking to a bank with fewer than 150 employees and you tell them they’re one of the biggest names you know in banking, they’re going to think you’re crazy. There are a lot of ways to complement a company, so pick one that’s true. It doesn’t have to be their size. You can say, “I know somebody who used to work here, and they had great things to say about your company culture and how you support your employees.” You could compliment them for being well-known in the local community if that’s true. You can compliment them on their rapid growth if they’re a small firm but growing fast (You’d discover this type of info by searching the company on Google News, etc.) It all comes back to showing you’ve done research and are really excited to be talking to this company. That’s how to get them excited to talk to you!

If you follow the steps and sample answers above, you’ll have a winning answer to, “what do you know about our company?”

Answering “What Do You Know About Our Company” – Quick Instructions

  1. Pick two or three specific facts about the company that you can tell the interviewer
  2. You can research facts on the company website, social media profiles, or by searching the company name in Google News
  3. Keep your answer short and concise; it’s better to name two facts that you know extremely well than to mention five or six facts that aren’t 100% accurate
  4. Consider ending your answer with a question directed back at the interviewer. This will turn the interview into a more relaxed, back-and-forth conversation
  5. Never say that you aren’t sure or don’t know anything about the company. This will get you rejected in the interview
  6. Try to compliment the company when answering what you know about them. You can do this by naming something they’re well-known or well-respected for
  7. Practice your answer; nothing comes out perfect the first time

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