You Won’t Believe These 5 Crazy Jobs Actually Exist

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Biron Clark

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There are some pretty wacky jobs out there, but we bet these are even crazier than you’re thinking. We dug up 5 stories of people getting paid to do the unimaginable.

Think you could do some of these? Check out the list below.

The 5 Craziest Jobs that Actually Exist:

1. Pet Food Taster

craziest jobs

This job takes the connection between person and pet to the next level. The roles have been reversed. Instead of the family dog jumping up on the table to eat the scraps, we now have a person jumping into the dog’s bowl.

Even more interesting is how much they get paid. Annual salaries range from $34,000-$117,000 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Furthermore, a doctorate degree or higher is usually required, and yes they do taste the food. Mmm dog biscuits.

2. Professional Sleeper

craziest job #2, professional sleeper

A hotel in Helsinki actually paid somebody to sleep on their beds and blog about it. Talk about a dream job.

Unsurprisingly, the job is not easy to get. In most cases, one person is selected from thousands of candidates that hope to receive compensation for this performing this “skill”.

Also, the gig is short term. For anyone looking for steady long term work, this isn’t going to be it. Although, for anyone who can win this job we applaud you.

3. Paid to Watch Paint Dry

5 craziest jobs- paid to watch paint dry

Have you heard the saying, ‘Like watching paint dry?’  Someone is actually getting paid for it. We have to wonder as evolved human beings, what is the average IQ of a person in this profession?

Incredibly enough, the man behind the job is 34-year-old research scientist Dr. Thomas Curwen. He works for Dulux, an international company passionate about delivering high-quality paints. And his job is to watch paint dry, observing changes in color and texture.

It’s amazing how such a mindless task became so intricate when you know what to look for. See above for a video of Dr. Curwen talking about the exciting task of watching paint dry:

4. Fortune Cookie Writer

world's craziest jobs #4, fortune cookie writer

Ever wonder who is writing the wise Chinese proverbs found inside fortune cookies? Well, a professional writer is doing it of course.

In fact, this seems like a dream job for creative writers. They are getting paid to write 10-word blurbs that millions of Americans read each day. To keep up with demand, an entire team of freelance writers is dedicated to providing the supply. Their English writing abilities vary, as you’ve probably noticed.

5. Iceberg Mover

world's craziest jobs #5 iceberg mover

Bundle up and buckle up, it’s going to be a long day. Moving icebergs is the perfect job for the Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, the Hulk is not real and this job actually needs to get done.

So companies pay people on tugboats to do it.

You are probably wondering why people want to haul icebergs. Simple, for clean drinking water. As icebergs melt into the ocean, clean water is wasting away. We all love to drink fresh, clean, refreshing iceberg water which makes this job a reality.

You can read more about the process and watch a video here.

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