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What Every Job Seeker Can Learn From Successful Traders

what every job seeker can learn from successful traders

Being risk takers, traders are rarely viewed as the most ideal inspirations though, especially when it comes to business and careers.

However, successful traders do have some admirable traits that employers need from their staff and want from applicants, such as exhibiting confidence, being goal-oriented, and paying attention to details…

These are traits that job seekers also need to polish and acquire in order to break the competitive market and get their dream job.

Here are a few things successful traders do that every job applicant should strive to add to their arsenal.

Be Decisive

Inexperienced traders will often be hesitant, which comes from not having the confidence to pull the trigger on major trades.

The ability to react decisively comes from one thing – experience. The more exposure they have on actively trading the markets and analysing charts, the more conviction and experience they will gain over time.

Job hunting for quite a while can help you learn vital lessons in terms of the mistakes you make in interviews and applications. Kin Mabuan cited her experiences on LifeHack that helped her avert unnecessary stress when attending interviews, such as reading directions in exams, selling yourself without lying, and even dressing comfortably. The experiences you have from previous failed applications can help you gain confidence if you maximize them to your advantage in your next interview. Remember that confidence is important in every interview and employers and/or HR managers can sense it immediately, but do not be overly confident and lie about details just to impress them.

what job seekers can learn from traders

Traders use past experience to make choices decisively, rather than second-guessing

Practice Makes Perfect

Dealing with a volatile trading market and ever changing economy isn’t easy, thus it’s a difficult, risky and impulsive industry to operate in. But successful traders hone their skills over time and always look to add new things to their repertoire. A post by Dr. Kenneth Reid on Trader Planet said that when it comes to trading, practice really does make perfect. Traders need to spend time honing their skills to reach peak performance. With the help of a variety of platforms such as MetaTrader 4, new traders and even experienced ones, can use it to practice their skills so that they are comfortable in trading forex and other assets. FXCM cited that MetaTrader 4 comes with a practice account that investors can leverage, giving them £50,000 practice money that they can use to help them learn more about trading and this particular software.

Likewise, job seekers also need to practice their interview skills to increase their chances of being hired.

Aside from not meeting the technical qualifications of employers, most of them fail during the initial interview as they lack the confidence and interpersonal skills. You can practice job interview questions and answers to help you polish your communication skills and prepare you for any upcoming interview. This will help you gain confidence and avoid any common mistakes from the beginning.

Keep Moving Forward

Successful traders understand the importance of their losses just as much as their profit. It’s a fact that nobody likes to lose, but you can learn from setbacks.

People often hold on to losses longer than they should. For traders, they are able to cut their losses and let profits run by initiating stops and limits that allow them to predetermine how much they can risk and the amount they want to profit. This eliminated any human emotion from affecting their next move and focus on building wealth for the future.

For job seekers, being able to cut losses will also help in being able to move on from rejection and focus more energy on other upcoming applications. Accept that failure is a necessary part of life and learn from it.

The beauty about failing is that you are able to truly discover who you are and how resilient you can be. By accepting your shortcomings, you are open to developing and welcoming new opportunities that are truly meant for you. This quality is also something that employers want in their staff.


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