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Best Resources For Job Seekers (Master List)

best resources for job seekers

Welcome to our list of the best tools and resources for job seekers and career professionals.

This list will grow over the next few months, so feel free to bookmark it and use it as a reference in the future, too.

The Best Resume Writers

The right resume writer can take your career history and shape it into what employers want to see for the exact type of jobs you’re applying for.

The best online resume writing resource for you will depend on a few things including your budget, your level of experience, and your desired turn-around time.

So we put together a list below with our top recommended resume writer in three categories: Budget/Low Cost, Mid-Range, High-End/Executive.

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The 5 Best Job Search Websites

The majority of your time should be spent networking, and applying directly to companies that interest you. That’s how people are getting hired for the BEST jobs right now.

However, there’s still a place for job boards in your job hunt, as long as you don’t rely on them too much.

Right now, we feel there are 5 large job portals that are worth using.

You may also want to consider using niche or industry-specific job boards in addition to the “big 5”.

We highlight the 5 best job boards to use, and how to find niche job boards for your specific line of work in our full guide:

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Best Books For Job Seekers

Some of the best resources for job seekers are books that can be bought on Amazon for around $5-10 (and we think that’s a relatively small investment for what it could get you – a higher paying job in less time).

So we put together a list of the best books for job seekers, broken down by categories like: Resumes, Interviews, Networking, Negotiation and much more.

(I also put my absolute FAVORITE book about entrepreneurship on the list. If you have any interest in building a “side hustle” that makes money, starting a business, or working for yourself one day instead of having a job forever, then make sure to check out that last book recommendation at the bottom of the list 🙂 ).

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Online Learning/Career Training Resources

Best Productivity Tools And Resources For Job Seekers

  • Coming soon.