Best Subject Lines for Job Applications: 3 Examples

email subject line for job applications

The best subject lines for job applications are direct and professional. In your subject line, you should indicate what job you’ve applied for, while keeping it as simple as possible. Long or overly-complicated email subject lines aren’t necessary on applications; the only goal of your email subject line is to get the reader to open your email and resume.

However, you don’t want to be too generic! Subject lines like ‘Resume submission’ or ‘Sales job resume’ are likely to get mixed in with all of the other applicants and either delayed or forgotten.

So we need to find an email subject line that is a bit unique but not overly-long or complicated. That’s the best way to write a job application subject line.

Let’s look at steps and examples to do this now…

The 3 Best Subject Lines for Job Applications

All of the following are great subject lines when submitting a resume and applying online

First, if you know the name of the person you’re going to submit your resume to, you can use it in the subject line:

  • Hi Beth- I’ve attached my Resume for the Sales Associate job

This email subject will stand out in the reader’s inbox and get opened quickly, which is the goal.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the person’s name that will be reading your application.

Here are two more examples of good subject lines when submitting a resume:

  • Resume attached (HR Coordinator position)
  • Application for HR Coordinator position

Two Job Application Email Subject Mistakes to Avoid:

Don’t Capitalize Each Word in Your Job Application Subject Line

This is a mistake I see in email subject lines in general. Don’t capitalize every word. It looks “spammy”. 

Capitalize the first word and then leave the rest lower-case (unless they’re pronouns that need to be capitalized, like a company name).

Make Sure the Employer Doesn’t Ask for a Specific Subject Line

Before sending, review the company’s website (on the page where you found the job posting or HR info) and check if they’ve instructed you on what subject line to use.

Companies care a lot about your ability to follow directions and be detail-oriented when applying, so they ask you to use one specific subject line, make sure you use it.

It’s not too common, but some companies will say something like, “Please use subject line ‘XYZ’ for job applications”

That’s one more thing you need to look out for when choosing a subject for your job applications. If you follow the tips above, you’ll have a great email subject that gets your job applications opened and read, so you can get more interviews. 


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