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Short Bio

Biron Clark is a former Executive Recruiter and highly sought-after job search expert. His website, Career Sidekick, is read by more than one million people per month and has been mentioned in INC, Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and more. He has been advising job seekers since 2012 on how to think differently in their job search and land high-paying, competitive jobs faster and with less stress.

Long Bio

Biron Clark began working as an Executive Recruiter in 2012 and founded Career Sidekick in June 2013 from a small home office in Quincy, MA (while still working full-time as a recruiter).

Since then, Career Sidekick has grown to more than one million monthly readers while being mentioned in INC, Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Muse,,, and more than 50 other publications.   

Biron’s advice is based on direct experience working with hundreds of job seekers, recruiting for more than 50 companies including Fortune 500 firms and top venture-funded tech start-ups, and reviewing thousands of resumes for hundreds of job openings.


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