8 Job Search Hacks and Tools to Be More Effective

make your job search more effective - 8 productivity hacks

It’s not easy managing a full-throttle job search. From conducting research to sending emails, boosting your brand on social media to remembering to follow up.

While cloning yourself or creating more hours in the day isn’t yet a reality – these 8 tips and tools will help you make your job search easier and more effective, while saving you time and headaches.

Here are the top 8 hacks and time-saving tools to use…

8 Job Search Tools & Hacks To Make Your Job Search More Effective:

1. Google Alerts

If you are targeting a company or an industry as part of your job hunt, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest news. Google Alerts are a great way to stay on top of what is being written – and save you hours of surfing the web for news stories or blog posts.

Just select the keywords pertaining to your area of interest, and let Google Alerts do the rest – giving you access to everything that’s been published.

2. Rapportive or Xobni

Both the Rapportive plugin for Gmail, and Xobni for Outlook and Yahoo, allow you to pull LinkedIn profiles from your email contacts – providing you with access to their photo, current role and where they work. You can add that person directly on LinkedIn from your email, or click to read more.

When you’re sending emails to scores of people – it’s easy to lose track of what you said and to whom. These tools help take some of that pain away — sharing with you a trail of your past communications with that person.

3. Canned Responses

If you have Gmail, then this one is a huge time saver. Described as “email for the truly lazy,” Canned Responses let you prepare scripted replies, and send them with a click of a button located right on the email.

How to find it: You’ll need to navigate to “Labs” in Gmail settings. Look for “Canned Responses” by Chad P.

Now when you get asked similar questions time and time again and need to give a similar response – you can respond in seconds rather than minutes. This is a huge time-saver if you’re actively looking for jobs.

4. Boomerang

If you want to prepare a message and schedule it to send at a different time, or receive a reminder to follow-up on an email, then Boomerang is for you. It works on Gmail, Outlook and Android (iOS is still in the works), and even lets you request a reminder for emails that are unopened or unanswered.

5. Undo Send

There’s nothing worse than hitting send and realizing that you made an error. Gmail users can click on “Undo Send” to recall emails up to 30 seconds after they are sent.

Just go to your Gmail settings, select “Enable Undo Send,” and avoid the embarrassment and time involved in sending a retraction or clarification.

6. Hootsuite or Buffer

There’s no better way to position yourself as an expert in your industry than to share articles with your connections via social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Sustaining an active presence, however, can turn into a huge time suck.

Consider a free subscription with Hootsuite or Buffer – sites that let you set up and schedule your shares ahead of time to ensure timely, thoughtful content.

7. Flipboard

Piggybacking onto item #6, Flipboard takes much of the pain out of locating articles of interest worth sharing. A personalized magazine app available on mobile devices and PCs, Flipboard will curate stories from around the web based on your interests – delivering them to you in a visual field ready for easy sharing.

This is great way to gather job search and job interview tips and stay on top of hiring trends (like which industries are hiring the most right now, etc.)

8. JibberJobber

The ultimate organizational tool for job seekers, JibberJobber lets you organize your job hunt and manage your professional network – replacing a spreadsheet and a list of contacts.

The site makes it simple to remember what you applied for and what steps must next be taken. You can even track companies of interest, and the status of each job in your pipeline. You can log up to 250 companies and 250 contacts in the free version, so it’s worth trying if you struggle to stay organized in your job search.

Every Minute of Job Search Productivity Counts

Until we have a 4-day workweek, or personal cloning becomes reality – these automated productivity hacks will shave minutes, if not hours, off your job search by eliminating many of its most tedious tasks.

If you use the tools, tips and hacks above, you’ll save time in your job search and get hired faster. 

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