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You'll get the exact steps to get noticed in your interviews and get job offers as fast as possible (and you'll probably get hired for a much BETTER, higher-paying job too).



Know what's going through the interviewer's head at each stage of the interview, so you can feel confident and never second-guess yourself or worry about making a mistake.


Position yourself as an in-demand, high-value candidate and make employers worry that if they don't hire you fast enough, one of their competitors will.

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The proven steps and methods to follow before your interview to walk in 100% ready and confident, so you can get hired stress-free.



The top 130 questions employers are asking, and how to answer all of them (including word-for-word answers for every question).



Expert tips, answer formulas, and "insider" strategies designed to give you an even bigger unfair advantage and help you land the highest-paying, most sought-after jobs

Some of What's Inside:

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    Step-by-step "Pre-Interview Preparation Gameplan" revealing exactly what to do before each interview to walk in feeling relaxed and confident, and walk out with a job offer
  • How to answer the top 130 questions employers ask (including those "behavioral" interview questions you've probably been warned about), with word-for-word examples for entry-level AND experienced job seekers
  • Detailed discussion revealing which "key traits" the interviewer is looking for on all 130 questions, so you don't miss a chance to impress them, and never give a bad answer that hurts your chance at getting the job
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    Easy 3-Step "Perfect Tailoring Method" to make sure you're targeting THEIR needs so the hiring manager is nodding their head thinking "yes" - this is the person we need to hire
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    31 Do's and Dont's to help you quickly and easily avoid mistakes that might be costing you job offers
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    How to use powerful examples, facts and metrics to communicate your value and stand out from anyone else the company has interviewed
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    The 20 best questions to ask in your interview to make them want to hire you on-the-spot (plus the 7 specific types of questions you should NEVER ask them if you want to get the job)
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    Advanced Interview Strategies designed to give you an unfair advantage and help you land the best, highest-paying jobs in your field... even if you're up against 30 other candidates.
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    More tips, tools and tactics designed to help you walk in ready to tell employers exactly what they want to hear so you can get hired FAST! 

Here Is The Real PROOF:

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Julie C.

got the job at Facebook

“I had big concerns about changing jobs after 4 years in the same company. I knew what job I wanted but it seemed so far from the type of work I had been doing. With this guide I went from feeling nervous and just hoping for the best, to going in there feeling confident and having a real plan and proven answers to convince them to hire me... and it worked. This system is the real deal. I’ll be pulling it back out next time I need to make a job change”

Rachel A.

got the job at Amazon

This is the best info about interviews that I've been able to find, and it did get me a job very fast."

Steven S.

has interviewed over 220 people

“I’ve spent the past 9 years as a Manager and interviewed more than two hundred people. Biron’s advice and answers are to the point, detailed and easy to follow. A lot of people don’t realize that hiring managers hear some of the same mistakes and bad answers hundreds of times. It’s genuinely refreshing when somebody comes in with impressive responses and a level of preparation that most people simply don’t have, and this guide provides the steps to do that in a short amount of time.”

Get Job Offers Guaranteed!

Purchasing “The Complete Guide To Job Interview Answers” is 100% risk-free. You’ll have two full months to give it a run and see if you like it. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, email me and I’ll give you a refund, no questions and no hassles.

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If you order today you will get everything above, PLUS the following guides...

Bonus #1: 9 Tricks To Calm Your Nerves

It’s not always easy to feel confident with the hiring manager staring you down, I get it. This guide contains 9 science-backed ways to stay calm and relaxed before AND during your interview so you can stay confident and give the best possible answers. 


Bonus #2: Interview Follow-Up Blueprint

This guide reveals step-by-step what to do after your interview to close the deal and get the job. Includes word-for-word "Thank You" note and follow-up email templates, and EXACT timelines for when to send each. Absolutely *no* guesswork - I'll be with you until the very end of the process. 


Bonus #3: Guide To Giving References

When a company asks you for references, it's a good sign. Yet you can still lose the job if you choose the wrong people or don't "prep" them properly. We'll walk you through who to ask and how to make sure they'll say great things (without being pushy) so you don't "give the job away" to someone else at this crucial last step.


Bonus #4: Confident Body Language

The top 11 ways to quickly and easily improve your body language, feel more relaxed and boost your confidence... while leaving a stronger impression and making employers more likely to remember you and want to hire you. 

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