how to use linkedin easy apply

The brutal truth of job searching is this:

If you want to find a job fast, you need to apply for a high number of jobs. 

Companies post job openings and then change their mind. Or they change the requirements. Or they decide to “hold off” for a month, which turns into three months or forever.

The bottom line is: There are a million things that can go wrong, with no relation to your skill or how much you prepare to ace the interview. So you need to apply to a lot of employers if you want to get hired quickly. 

But how can we send out a high volume of applications quickly and easily? That’s where LinkedIn Easy Apply comes in.

Using this specific feature when applying for jobs on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get a high number of applications out quickly. 

Here’s how…

What is LinkedIn Easy Apply

LinkedIn Easy Apply is a one-click application feature on a select number of job postings featured on We estimate that between 35-45% of jobs feature the “Easy Apply” option on LinkedIn, depending on industry and position. When an employer decides to allow Easy Apply, you can submit your LinkedIn profile in response to a job ad.

This can save you tremendous time in your job search, because unlike most job search websites, you won’t need to fill in ANY personal details. You just attach your resume, click submit, and move on.

applying for jobs on linkedin - easy apply with no cover letter

Should You Send a Cover Letter with LinkedIn Easy Apply?

It is not necessary to submit a cover letter when using LinkedIn Easy Apply. Unless you know the hiring manager’s name or know something specific about the position that you’d like to address, our advice is to skip the cover letter so you can apply for more jobs. While some employers appreciate a cover letter, it usually won’t be a deal-breaker for employers who allow LinkedIn Easy Apply.

They’re going to be looking at your profile when they see your submission, not checking for a cover letter. 

Now that you know what LinkedIn Easy Apply is, let’s talk about why it’s so effective and how you can start using it. Here’s why we recommend using LinkedIn Easy Apply…

LinkedIn Easy Apply is the Best Way to Send Out a Lot of Applications to High-Quality Companies

Job searching isn’t all about volume. You should be networking, doing thorough research to find companies to apply to, etc.

But volume does help in your job hunt, for reasons mentioned in the intro of this article. 

And LinkedIn Easy Apply is the best way to add that volume to your job hunt… without having to write a cover letter, fill in pages and pages of online info, etc.

The companies that post jobs on LinkedIn tend to be high-quality and reputable, too, and since LinkedIn is such a large job search site, you can do almost all of your “volume” applying through LinkedIn if you want.  (Note: you should still be networking and doing more targeted methods like emailing companies directly, too. I’m just suggesting that LinkedIn can be the only job board you use).

How to Use LinkedIn “Easy Apply” to Find Jobs…

Now let’s look at how to actually use LinkedIn Easy Apply to get your info in front of companies.

1. Log into LinkedIn

This is pretty self-explanatory, but you need to have a LinkedIn account to do this, and you need to put detailed info on it, since that’s what employers see when you apply.

If you need help with setting up and optimizing your LinkedIn, here’s what to put on your profile.

2. Enter a job title or job keywords into the search bar

Next, enter basic search terms into LinkedIn’s search box at the top of the screen.

You could search for a job title like, “Software Engineer” or “Sales Manager”. That’s how I recommend starting.

3. Use LinkedIn’s job search filters to narrow your search

After you type in your basic search, you’ll want to use LinkedIn’s filters to narrow your search further – by location, industry, etc.

Then you’ll start seeing relevant job postings in your city or state. After that, start opening jobs that look interesting. This is where we’re going to look for the LinkedIn Easy Apply button…

4. Look for the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn job postings

Here’s what the “Easy Apply” button will look like when available:

linkedin easy apply button screenshot

As mentioned earlier, you’ll see this on around 35-45% of LinkedIn job postings. So it won’t be there every time, but you should see that button pretty often in most industries.

5. Start applying

Now you’re ready to start applying. Click the “Easy Apply” button, attach your resume (after quickly tailoring it for the job description), and submit your info! It’s that easy. 

Note: If you see relevant job postings that don’t feature the Easy Apply option, it still may be worth applying. Clicking the button when it doesn’t say “Easy Apply” usually takes you to the company website. If their application process looks straight forward and easy, then it’s still worth applying directly.

6. Build a habit of applying for jobs on LinkedIn each day

Try to spend one hour in total the first few days. Before discovering this method I probably spent half that much time on a single application online… for a company that didn’t even get back to me!

So you’ll be able to get a lot more applications out if you begin your search on LinkedIn and use the Easy Apply button as often as possible. 

Common Questions about LinkedIn Easy Apply

What about finding a job through my network? I’ve been told that’s the most effective way.

You’re right. Networking is the fastest way to get a job potentially.

So if you have a connection to a company through a colleague, it’s always better to use that.

DO NOT send out a generic LinkedIn Easy Apply application if you have a more personalized method to get in touch with a company. 

However, for all those times you don’t know the hiring manager or have anyone in your network who does, applying for the job on LinkedIn is a great approach. That’s what this article is about. 

Do I need to tailor my resume? 

I’m a big believer in tailoring your resume. It works for sure. Even though this method is all about volume and speed, I’d say you should still tailor your resume for the job description, or at least for the general type of job you’re applying for.

So, let’s say you want a software sales job… At minimum, you should tailor your resume work history and other info for that general type of job. Optimize everything to show how you’ll be an asset to them in a software sales position.

Then, if you also want to apply for jobs in software project management, that’s another resume tailored to that type of role. That’s the minimum of what you should be doing. 

I wrote this step-by-step guide on how to tailor your resume for any job. You might want to check it out if you need help with this step.

Isn’t this spam? 

Not if you’re qualified for the job! Why does a company care if you applied to many positions within an hour of your time? In fact it’s none of their business. Each company is receiving one single application from you. I don’t see how that can be seen as spam on their end.

What about quality? This seems all about quantity.

You can choose how selective to be and how much time to spend researching each company. My goal is to show you how to find a job fast, and without the stress and frustration. There’s no rule saying you need to apply for each job in 4 minutes or less though. Take your time and do more research for each company if you’d like!

Now you know how to save time and send out more applications by applying for jobs on LinkedIn and using Easy Apply.

If you have a question about any of this, leave a comment below.