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Hiring a Maintenance Technician: Job Description Template

By Priya Jain


Have you ever wondered what it takes to ensure your business or facility’s smooth and efficient operation? 

Whether you manage a manufacturing plant, a commercial building, or even a residential complex, the answer often lies in the capable hands of a Maintenance Technician.

However, finding the right Maintenance Technician for your needs can be daunting.

In this article, we explore the process of hiring a technician and provide a comprehensive Maintenance Technician job description to help you identify the ideal candidate who will help you maintain the heart and soul of your operations.

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Responsibilities & Role of a Maintenance Technician

A Maintenance Technician ensures the smooth operation and longevity of equipment, machinery, and facilities. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of their roles and responsibilities:

  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintenance Technicians are primarily responsible for inspecting, servicing, and repairing machinery and equipment. This includes routine maintenance tasks, troubleshooting, and identifying issues that may lead to breakdowns.
  • Repairs: They are skilled in diagnosing equipment malfunctions and executing necessary repairs promptly. This involves fixing or replacing faulty components, ordering replacement parts, and ensuring equipment operates safely.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Maintenance Technicians perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks to extend the lifespan of equipment and prevent unexpected breakdowns. This includes tasks like lubrication, cleaning, and calibration.
  • Facility Maintenance: Beyond machinery, they also oversee the upkeep of the physical facility. This entails plumbing repairs, electrical work, carpentry, and general maintenance to maintain a safe and functional environment.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensuring that all equipment and facilities meet safety standards and regulations is critical to their role. Maintenance Technicians must be knowledgeable about safety protocols and make necessary adjustments to keep the workplace safe.
  • Documentation: Maintenance Technicians maintain detailed records of maintenance activities, repairs, and equipment histories. This documentation helps track maintenance schedules, budgeting, and compliance.
  • Emergency Response: Maintenance Technicians must be prepared to respond to emergencies promptly. This includes addressing equipment failures or facility issues that could disrupt operations or pose safety risks.
  • Budget Management: They may be responsible for managing equipment maintenance and repair budgets. This includes estimating costs, sourcing cost-effective solutions, and tracking expenses.

How to Hire a Maintenance Technician

Hiring a Maintenance Technician is a critical process that ensures the smooth operation and upkeep of facilities and equipment. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to hire a Maintenance Technician:

1. Know Your Maintenance Technician Requirements

When defining the job requirements for a Maintenance Technician role, it’s crucial to create a detailed and comprehensive job profile that outlines the specific responsibilities, qualifications, and skills needed.

Find answers to these questions to know your business requirements:

  • What are the core responsibilities of the Maintenance Technician role, including maintenance tasks and duties?
  • Are there any specialized tasks or equipment the technician will be responsible for?
  • What is the required educational background for the Maintenance Technician position?
  • Are specific certifications or licenses needed, such as HVAC or electrical licenses?
  • What soft skills and attributes are considered important for a Maintenance Technician?
  • What technical skills and knowledge areas are essential for the Maintenance Technician position?
  • What tools, equipment, and software should the technician be familiar with?
  • What safety regulations and practices must the technician follow?

2. Search for the Top Talent

Searching for top talent in any field, including Maintenance Technicians, requires a well-rounded recruitment strategy. Here are some effective channels and methods to consider when looking for top talent:

Remember that finding top talent is an ongoing process. Continuously refine your recruitment strategy, engage with potential candidates proactively, and adapt to changing trends in the job market to stay competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent.

3. Look for Educational Qualifications

When hiring Maintenance Technicians, looking for relevant educational qualifications is essential to ensure they have the foundational knowledge and skills required for the role. 

Here are common educational qualifications to consider:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent: Most Maintenance Technician positions require at least a high school diploma or GED as a minimum educational qualification.
  • Technical or Vocational Training: Many successful Maintenance Technicians have completed technical or vocational training programs related to maintenance, such as a certificate or diploma program in industrial maintenance or a related field.
  • Associate’s Degree: Some employers may prefer candidates with an associate’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering technology, industrial maintenance technology, or a similar discipline.
  • Apprenticeship Programs: Consider candidates who have completed apprenticeship programs in maintenance, as these provide hands-on training and experience under the guidance of experienced technicians.
  • Certifications: Look for certifications relevant to maintenance work. Here are some certifications to consider:
  • Specialized Training: Depending on your industry or the specific equipment used in your facility, you may prefer candidates with specialized training or certifications, such as EPA Section 608 Certification or HVAC Excellence certification.
  • Licenses: In some cases, Maintenance Technicians may require specific licenses or permits to perform certain tasks, such as electrical or refrigeration work. Depending on your requirements, consider candidates with the following licenses:
    • Journeyman Electrician License
    • Master Electrician License
    • Certified Welder (CW)
    • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
  • Safety Training: Safety is a critical aspect of maintenance work. Ensure that candidates have received appropriate safety training, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certifications if relevant.

4. Analyze Their Work Experience

Analyzing a candidate’s work experience when hiring a Maintenance Technician involves a meticulous review of their resume, assessing the relevance of past positions to the role, and examining specific maintenance tasks performed. 

It requires focusing on technical skills, work settings, career progression, achievements, and certifications. 

Ultimately, this analysis helps determine whether the candidate possesses the required qualifications, technical proficiency, and adaptability to effectively contribute to the maintenance needs of your company while aligning with its culture and values.

5. Conduct a Comprehensive Interview Process

Conducting a comprehensive interview process when hiring a Maintenance Technician is essential to ensure that you select a candidate with the right technical skills, work ethic, and cultural fit for your organization. Here are the steps to create an effective interview process:

  • Technical Skills Assessment: This assessment should evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in diagnosing and resolving maintenance issues, hands-on skills, and familiarity with maintenance tools, equipment, and software. It’s an opportunity to ensure that candidates possess the technical competencies necessary for the job.
  • In-Person Interview: For candidates who excel in the initial stages, invite them for a more comprehensive in-person interview. An in-person interview provides a well-rounded assessment of the candidate’s fit for the role and the organization.
  • Job-Specific Scenarios: As part of the interview process, present candidates with real or hypothetical job-specific maintenance interview questions that align with your organization’s equipment and facilities. By doing so, you can gain insights into their problem-solving skills, ability to handle maintenance challenges, and approach to troubleshooting and resolving issues.
  • Facility Tour and Equipment Familiarity: Provide candidates with a tour of your facilities, allowing them to see the work environment and the equipment they would be responsible for maintaining. During this tour, inquire about their familiarity with specific machinery or systems used in your organization, ensuring they are comfortable with the equipment.

6. Cross-Verify Their References

Cross-verifying reference is a critical step in the hiring process for a Maintenance Technician. It involves contacting the provided references, which may include previous employers or supervisors, to validate the candidate’s work history, skills, and qualifications. 

During this process, ask questions to assess the candidate’s performance, reliability, teamwork, and overall suitability for the role. 

We recommend asking the following questions:

  • Can you describe the candidate’s technical skills and proficiency in handling maintenance tasks, including diagnosing and repairing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues?
  • Can you provide examples of situations where the candidate consistently met deadlines, responded promptly to maintenance requests, and showed dedication to preventing breakdowns and ensuring equipment uptime?
  • Did the candidate effectively communicate maintenance updates, issues, or safety concerns, and can they work harmoniously in a team-oriented environment?

Tips for Avoiding Red Flags During the Hiring Process

To avoid potential red flags during the hiring process and select a qualified and reliable candidate, consider the following tips:

  • Safety Focus: Emphasize the importance of safety in the maintenance role. Ask candidates about their commitment to following safety protocols and inquire about any past safety incidents or near misses they’ve encountered.
  • Certifications and Licenses: Verify that candidates possess relevant certifications and licenses, such as HVAC certifications or electrical licenses, if applicable. Ensure these credentials are current and in good standing.
  • Attention to Equipment Detail: Discuss their approach to preventive maintenance and inquire about their experience with equipment inspections and upkeep. Highlight the importance of meticulous work in preventing costly breakdowns.
  • Equipment Familiarity: If your facility uses specific machinery or systems, inquire about candidates’ experience with that equipment. Familiarity with your organization’s assets can expedite onboarding and reduce training costs.

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Maintenance Technician Job Description

When it comes to job descriptions, less is always more. According to research, the best job descriptions are usually between 300-700 words. Here’s what a compelling Maintenance Technician job description is:

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Job Title: Maintenance Technician

Location: [Location]

Type: [Full Time / Part Time / Contract]

Salary: [Salary / Hourly Rate]

About Us:

[Provide a brief overview of your company’s mission and commitment to efficient and effective maintenance services.]

The Opportunity: 

We seek a dedicated and detail-oriented Maintenance Technician to join our team of skilled professionals. As a Maintenance Technician, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring our facilities’ upkeep and operational efficiency. Your expertise will contribute to the reliability and functionality of our infrastructure, creating a safe and productive environment for our organization.

What You’ll Do:

  • Perform routine maintenance tasks, including inspections, repairs, and equipment servicing, to maintain the functionality and safety of our facilities.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues and execute timely repairs.
  • Conduct preventive maintenance tasks to minimize equipment downtime and extend the lifespan of machinery and systems.
  • Collaborate with the maintenance team to prioritize and complete work orders efficiently.
  • Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, equipment inventories, and repair history.
  • Assist in managing and monitoring inventory levels of maintenance supplies and materials.
  • Adhere to safety protocols and regulations to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Respond to maintenance requests and emergencies promptly and professionally.
  • Assist in implementing energy-saving initiatives and sustainable maintenance practices.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry best practices and emerging trends in maintenance technology.

What You’ll Bring:

  • High school diploma or equivalent; technical degree or certification in maintenance-related field.
  • Proven experience as a Maintenance Technician or in a similar maintenance role.
  • Strong technical knowledge and hands-on skills in areas such as HVAC, electrical systems, plumbing, and carpentry.
  • Proficiency in using maintenance tools, equipment, and diagnostic devices.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and work efficiently in a dynamic environment.
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and adherence to safe work practices.

Our Ideal Candidate is Someone Who Has:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Technical certifications or specialized training in maintenance or a related field.
  • 5 years of experience as a Maintenance Technician.
  • Knowledge of relevant software and systems for maintenance tracking and reporting.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage (Medical, Dental, Vision).
  • Generous 401(k) retirement plan with company match.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Collaborative and inclusive team environment.
  • Employee wellness programs, including mental health support.
  • Life and disability insurance for peace of mind.

How to Join Us:

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your maintenance experience, technical skills, and commitment to ensuring operational efficiency to [email address] with the subject line “Application for Maintenance Technician – [Your Name].” We value diversity and inclusion in our workplace and encourage candidates who share our dedication to excellence in maintenance and facility management to apply.

Closing Date: [Insert closing date for applications]

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We appreciate your interest in [Your Organization Name] and look forward to learning more about you.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Maintenance Technician?

To estimate the hiring cost accurately, consider the following components:

Recruitment Cost

To calculate the specific recruitment cost for your organization, you should consider all relevant expenses associated with the hiring process. Here’s a breakdown of the recruitment cost:

  • Industry-Specific Job Boards: Posting jobs on these job boards comes with a price. For instance, HVACJobsCenter charges $99 for a single job post, whereas you can pay $249 for three job posts. On the other hand, for using the SMRP job board, you pay $120 for a single job posting. FacilitiesNet charges a fee of $399 for your job ad, whereas Hospitality Online charges $375 for 30-day single job posting.
  • Professional Associations: To join an association and access its portal, you pay an annual membership fee. For instance, the membership fee of ASHRAE is $260 per year, whereas ASPE has a membership fee of $200 per year.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary of a Maintenance Technician is $51,378 per year, which includes an average pay of $2,624 per year. This additional pay includes bonuses, increments, and incentives these technicians receive. 

Also, consider the cost associated with providing numerous benefits to these technicians. 

The benefits package can include health insurance, dental and vision coverage, retirement contributions (such as a 401(k) plan with employer matching), paid time off (including vacation, holidays, and sick leave), life and disability insurance, wellness programs, and educational assistance. 

The cost of benefits can be a substantial part of the overall compensation package.

Compliance and Licensing

Depending on the industry and location, Maintenance Technicians may need specific licenses or certifications to perform their roles legally. So, factor in the cost of obtaining and renewing these credentials.

The cost of obtaining different licenses varies from state to state. For instance, the cost of a Master Electrician License in Washington is $169.80, whereas in Texas, it is $45.

Job Shadowing Cost

While typically a cost-effective training method, job shadowing involves specific expenses related to the hands-on learning experience in this field. 

The primary cost is the time and expertise of the experienced Maintenance Technician who acts as a mentor, guiding the trainee through maintenance tasks, equipment inspections, and troubleshooting processes. 

There may also be minor expenses associated with providing access to specialized tools, safety equipment, or maintenance manuals. 

In cases where job shadowing occurs at different facilities, there could be additional costs for travel, including transportation and accommodation. 

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