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Hiring a Housekeeper: Job Description Template

By Sherice Jacob


How crucial is cleanliness for your establishment’s reputation? A single negative review can be detrimental. Our job description will guide you to hire the top-notch housekeeper essential for ensuring the highest standards of guest satisfaction.

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Responsibilities & Role of a Housekeeper

A housekeeper is entrusted with maintaining a clean, sanitary, and organized environment. Their responsibilities encompass tasks like vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping, and cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and other areas. Additionally, in a hotel setting, they ensure that guest rooms are well-stocked with essentials, linens are refreshed, and rooms are presentable and welcoming for new guests. Beyond cleaning, they also report any damages or malfunctions, and in some cases, they may assist with basic guest requests or inquiries.

How to Hire a Housekeeper

A housekeeper is more than a job description. Being able to properly evaluate their roles and responsibilities as well as finding the right person that can seamlessly fit into the hotel’s operating structure while maintaining its high standards is crucial to choosing the right candidate for the job. 

1. Know Your Cleaning Requirements

  • Organizational Needs and Scale: Before evaluating a candidate, be clear about what is specifically required. For example, the scale and type of establishment (a boutique hotel versus a large resort) will influence the responsibilities of a housekeeper.
  • Technical Skills: In addition to routine cleaning tasks, a housekeeper should also be familiar with essential cleaning equipment and cleaning agents including which products are suitable for which types of tasks and surfaces.
  • Soft Skills Evaluation: Housekeeping demands meticulousness and the ability to efficiently manage tasks under tight schedules. Housekeepers may also interact with guests frequently, so their ability to handle queries or issues courteously and professionally is crucial.

2. Search for the Top Talent

To secure the best talent for a housekeeper role, it’s essential to combine both broad outreach strategies with focused, industry-specific tactics, including:

  • Job Platforms: Leverage popular job platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to post detailed job descriptions, Craft a compelling and detailed job description that not only lists responsibilities but also showcases the hotel’s values, benefits, and growth potential.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Partner with specialized recruitment agencies focused on the hospitality sector. Their expertise can streamline the process, bringing forward only the most suited candidates.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Promote the job opening on hotel’s social media channels, highlighting perks, work culture, and growth opportunities to attract potential applicants.

3. Look for Professional Qualifications

Some of the top professional qualifications and certifications for housekeepers include:

4. Analyze Their Work Experience

When hiring a housekeeper for your hotel, analyzing their work experience can provide insights into their suitability for the role:

  • Review Previous Employers: Look for experience in similar hotel settings, like luxury, boutique, or chain hotels, to gauge familiarity with your establishment’s standards.
  • Duration of Tenure: Longer stints at previous jobs can indicate commitment and reliability.
  • Job Responsibilities: Scrutinize past roles to determine if they’ve handled tasks similar to what your hotel demands, such as guest room preparation or specialized cleaning tasks.
  • Feedback and References: Reach out to former employers or references to gather insights about the candidate’s work ethic, professionalism, and interaction with guests.
  • Progression and Training: Note if there’s a pattern of advancement in roles or any additional training taken, hinting at their dedication to professional growth.

5. Conduct a Comprehensive Interview Process

When interviewing potential hires for a housekeeper role, keep the following points in mind:

  • Structured Questions: Prepare a set of standardized questions focusing on both technical aspects of the job and soft skills like communication and guest interaction.
  • Practical Assessment: Incorporate a hands-on task or simulation to evaluate their practical skills and attention to detail in real-time.
  • Behavioral Queries: Pose hypothetical, situation-based questions to understand their problem-solving abilities and how they handle challenging scenarios.
  • Open Dialogue: Allow space for candidates to ask questions, giving you insights into their priorities and expectations.
  • Culture Fit: Discuss the hotel’s values and mission, gauging how well the candidate aligns with the brand’s ethos and work environment.

6. Cross-Verify Their References and Conduct Background Verification

Begin by asking the candidate to provide two to three professional references, especially from their recent employers or supervisors. Contacting references can be done via phone or email, but a phone call often provides more in-depth insights. 

As you gather feedback, make sure to document all the responses, as this aids in cross-checking the candidate’s statements later. Important aspects to look into when evaluating feedback include the candidate’s work ethics, punctuality, skills, their ability to interact with guests, and any potential areas they could improve upon.

When it comes to conducting background checks, transparency is key. Inform the candidate in advance about the impending check, which not only establishes openness but also secures their consent. 

Once the check is completed, closely review the findings for any potential red flags—these might include criminal records, credit concerns, or any discrepancies in their employment trajectory. 

Lastly, it’s imperative to remain compliant with all relevant laws during the background check process, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act if operating within the U.S.

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Housekeeper Job Description

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Job Title: Housekeeper

Company: [Your Company Name]

Location: [Location]

Job Type: [Full Time / Part Time / Contract]

Salary: [Salary / Competitive / DOE]

About Us:

[Provide a brief description of your company, its history, values, sustainability and work environment.]

Working as a Housekeeper with Us:

Join the esteemed team of  (Company Name) a renowned destination recognized for its commitment to luxury, elegance, and unmatched guest experiences. As a housekeeper in our establishment, you will play a pivotal role in upholding our legacy of immaculate hospitality. 

Your primary responsibilities will encompass the detailed cleaning and organization of guest rooms, ensuring every corner meets our rigorous standards. Regular interactions with our distinguished guests will also be part of your daily tasks, emphasizing the importance of courteous and professional behavior. In return, we offer competitive remuneration, comprehensive training, and growth opportunities in the hospitality industry. 

Our housekeepers are more than just staff members; they are the backbone of our commitment to excellence. If you’re passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences and wish to work in a supportive and dynamic environment, we invite you to apply. 

You’ll Be Expected To: 

  • Maintain cleanliness of guest rooms, ensuring they meet the resort’s high standards.
  • Restock amenities, linens, and other supplies in guest rooms as required.
  • Respond promptly to guest requests and concerns related to housekeeping.
  • Use and maintain equipment, including vacuums and cleaning tools, efficiently and safely.
  • Report any damages or maintenance issues identified in the guest rooms or common areas.
  • Participate in regular training sessions and team meetings to stay updated with the resort’s protocols.
  • Collaborate closely with the laundry department to ensure a sufficient supply of clean linens.
  • Adhere to safety and hygiene guidelines to ensure a healthy environment for guests and staff.
  • Handle special requests, like preparing rooms for special occasions or guests with specific needs.
  • Work in coordination with other departments, such as the front desk and maintenance, to ensure seamless guest experiences.
  • Assist in deep-cleaning tasks during off-peak seasons or as scheduled.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improving housekeeping processes and guest satisfaction.

And You’ll Bring:

  • High school diploma or equivalent educational qualification.
  • Previous housekeeping or cleaning experience, preferably in a hotel or resort setting.
  • Knowledge of cleaning agents, equipment, and techniques appropriate for various surfaces.
  • Strong organizational skills with an acute attention to detail.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the primary language(s) used by resort guests and staff.
  • Familiarity with basic safety and hygiene standards for a hotel environment.
  • Physical stamina to perform tasks, including lifting, bending, and prolonged standing.
  • Flexibility to work varying shifts, including weekends and holidays.
  • Willingness to participate in ongoing training and development programs.
  • Positive attitude with a genuine commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience.
  • Basic understanding of guest privacy rights and handling sensitive information discreetly.

Ideally You Have a Variety of Skills and Qualifications, Including:

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or a related field.
  • A minimum of three years of housekeeping experience in a luxury hotel or resort setting, with demonstrated proficiency in room upkeep and amenity management.
  • Industry-recognized certifications such as the Certified Executive Housekeeper (CEH) or Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (CHHE).
  • Proficiency in using advanced cleaning machinery and tools, including carpet shampooers, polishers, and power washers.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning practices.
  • Proven experience in handling specialty surfaces such as marble, hardwood, and delicate fabrics.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with a record of positive guest feedback.
  • Demonstrated ability to mentor or train junior staff, showcasing leadership qualities.
  • Experience with hotel management software or housekeeping task assignment systems.
  • Fluency in multiple languages, especially those frequently spoken by the resort’s primary guest demographics.
  • Familiarity with the resort’s specific brand standards and guest expectations, if applicable.
  • A solid understanding of the local culture, traditions, and etiquette, to cater to diverse guest needs sensitively and authentically.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Competitive salary.
  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Generous PTO and holiday schedule.
  • 401(k) with company match.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Life and disability insurance.
  • A culture that prioritizes work-life balance.
  • Employee wellness programs.

Join the Team:

Please send your resume, a cover letter detailing your qualifications, and any other supporting documents to [email address] with the subject line “Application for Housekeeper Position – [Your Name]”.

[Your Company Name] champions equal employment opportunities for all. We evaluate every applicant on their merits, skills, and qualifications, ensuring no bias based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability.”

Closing Date: [Insert closing date for applications]

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in [Your Company Name].

Note: Ensure you customize this template to align with your company’s unique requirements and the specific position you’re hiring for. While this template is designed for a general role, adjustments might be necessary for more specialized positions.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Housekeeper?

Recruitment Costs

Recruiting a housekeeper encompasses various costs that, when summed up, can represent a significant investment for a hotel or individual employer. Firstly, there’s the cost of advertising the position, which can vary based on the platform chosen, be it online job boards, local newspapers, or through recruitment agencies. 

Then there’s the time and resources spent on reviewing applications, initial phone screenings, and conducting in-person interviews, which often involve senior staff members. 

Additionally, background checks, which are paramount in housekeeping roles due to the intimate nature of the job, come with their own set of fees of anywhere from $20-$100 depending on the depth of information being sought. Once a candidate is selected, there’s the expense of onboarding, training, and providing the necessary uniforms or equipment.

Salary and Benefits

When hiring a housekeeper, the gross salary forms the largest portion, which varies based on experience, location, and the specific demands of the establishment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a housekeeper is $29,580.

However, when considering the true cost of an employee, employers also need to factor in the additional “hidden” expenses. Social security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes are mandatory contributions, increasing the employer’s payroll expense.

Training and Onboarding

Direct costs include training materials, trainers’ time, background checks, and initial orientation programs. During the initial phase, their efficiency might be lower as they familiarize themselves with the nuances of the house and the preferences of the homeowners. 

Furthermore, any potential mistakes made during this learning period could result in damages or the need for rework, incurring additional costs. 

Equipment and Software

Beginning with equipment, housekeepers typically require a range of cleaning tools, from basic brooms, mops, and dusters to more advanced machinery such as vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, and floor polishers.

Consumables like cleaning agents, detergents, and disinfectants are recurring expenses that need replenishment regularly.

On the software side, many modern hotels and larger establishments have integrated housekeeping into their hotel management systems. These software suites schedule tasks, track room statuses, and ensure effective communication between the front desk and housekeeping staff. The licensing or subscription fees for these systems, coupled with regular updates and training, can add to the operational costs.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Uniforms are one such expense; many establishments provide uniforms for their housekeeping staff, which need periodic replacement or repair due to the wear and tear of the job. There’s also the matter of protective gear, such as gloves, masks, or even specialized footwear, essential for maintaining staff safety and hygiene.

Additionally, there’s the expense related to storage and maintenance of cleaning equipment. Dedicated spaces, often climate-controlled, are required to store sensitive cleaning agents, ensuring their efficacy is preserved. Equipment like vacuum cleaners or floor polishers might need regular servicing or part replacements, incurring maintenance costs.

Furthermore, contingencies like accidental damages (to guest property or hotel assets), insurance premiums for employee safety, and even costs related to dispute resolutions or grievances can arise.

Lastly, administration expenses, albeit spread across multiple roles, are present: these might include the costs of scheduling, payroll processing, and other HR-related tasks specific to the housekeeping department. 

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