How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google? (Infographic)

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google? (Infographic)

what it takes to get a job at googleWorking at Google is a career goal for many people. It takes a lot to get there though. Landing any job at Google is tough because they hire the best of the best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a software engineer or an accountant, or receptionist.

But exactly how hard is it to get a job at google? Keep reading to find out why so many people fight for these job openings, and for an infographic showing your odds of beating the competition and landing the job!

Why People Aspire To Work at Google:

For technologists, building products seen and used by millions is exciting. It’s hard to find bigger scale than Google’s products. More users means more lives being affected.

For other professionals (HR, Sales, etc.), being associated with such a widely known name brings pride. Even if you’re not directly building the products you’re still a part of the overall team and effort.

Also, saying you work at Google is prestigious. Google has been the #1 company on Fortune’s Top 100 Companies for 6 straight years.

Then there’s Google’s famous benefits. Free food, childcare, nap pods, legal advice and more. They offer the best in the business. Why? They want the best people to come work for them.

There are other advantages to working at Google as well. If you make it through the interview process and accept a job, you’ll be surrounded by really smart people. Working with the best of the best is a great way to learn and be challenged.

There’s a saying that if you’re ever the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong place. That’s not likely to happen at Google.

If your interests change mid-career you can also shift teams. Unlike technology companies with a single product or platform, Google’s offerings span everything from maps to chat software to cloud storage. They have products geared toward individuals, and others targeted toward enterprise customers.

It’s hard to imagine there isn’t a group that could provide a relevant challenge once you get your foot in the door and begin to build a career at Google.

Enough about the perks though. What does it take to actually get a job at Google, and how likely are you to make it through their tough interview process? The infographic below explains…

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google?

What does it take to get a job at Google

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