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Best Answers for Desired Salary on Job Applications and Interviews

Best Answers for Desired Salary on Job Applications and Interviews

The best answers for, “what’s your desired salary?” on job applications and interviews will AVOID telling the company your specific salary requirements. In fact, you want to wait until you’re sure the company is interested in offering you the position to reveal your salary goals. Sharing your salary requirements too early can cost you thousands […]

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answer salary expectation questions interview

How To Answer Salary Expectations Questions

Your goal in an interview is to answer questions in a way that makes your potential value to your next employer as clear as possible. But there is one question you should try to avoid answering: the salary question. Your interviewer is looking to find out if your salary expectations are in line with the […]

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how to ask for a raise at work

How To Ask For a Raise at Work

Asking for a raise can be intimidating if it isn’t something you’ve done before. But getting over your doubts or concerns and learning how to ask properly can have a huge immediate payoff! Thousands of dollars potentially. And even better… it can also help you earn more money throughout your entire career. It’s a proven fact […]

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how to make your money in your career

One Simple Trick to Earn More Money: Profit Centers vs Cost Centers

Money is one of the top considerations when making career decisions throughout your life. But are some areas of a company likely to pay far more than others? The answer is yes, and the areas we want to look for are called Profit Centers. Determining the difference between Cost Centers and Profit Centers, and then […]

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One Simple Trick To Make More Money In Your Career

There are many ways to make more money throughout your career, from taking on more responsibilities at work to getting a higher level of education. But no matter what your industry, skill level or educational background, there’s one way easy way to ensure you don’t become underpaid: You should change companies at least a few […]

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5 Things That Are More Important Than Salary in Your First Job

When looking for your first job, salary shouldn’t be the most important factor. To earn the most money in the long run, there are 5 key factors that are more important to consider. These 5 factors are more important than salary in your first job: 1. Challenging Work As mentioned in this article about how your […]

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How to Ask for a Promotion in 3 Simple Steps

Asking for a promotion or raise doesn’t have to be a mysterious or complicated process. The 3 simple steps highlighted below will help you identify exactly what you need to accomplish in order to get your next promotion or raise. By being clear with management and keeping open lines of communication, you’ll be far more likely […]

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base salary vs bonus which is better

Higher Base Salary Vs. Bonus: Which Is Better And Why?

There are many opportunities to negotiate a new salary structure. You get a chance to do this every time you change companies, and also when you change roles within your company or decide to ask for a promotion or ask for a raise at work. So what should you focus on… a higher base salary or bonus? I’m […]

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how to ask for a promotion

How to Ask For a Promotion At Work- 2 Proven Methods

Asking for a promotion at work isn’t easy if you’re inexperienced. This article on how to ask for a promotion will give you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident approaching your boss at work to talk about career growth. One of the most common reasons that people leave their jobs is lack […]

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5 Reasons EVERYONE Should Use a Credit Card

I recently had a discussion with a few colleagues at work, debating whether it is necessary or even beneficial to make day-to-day purchases with a credit card (as opposed to a debit card or cash). My stance was, and still is, that everyone should be using a credit card for their purchases and then paying […]

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