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tips for a productive commute

7 Ways to Have a Productive Commute

Nobody enjoys commuting to work, but you can at least use the time to have a productive commute so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting part of your day. These tips will help you make the most out of your morning commute whether you drive or take public transit. How to Be Productive While […]

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Why Your Time is Valuable

Your time is valuable, both in your career and your overall life. In fact, time is the most valuable resource you’ll ever have. You can never get more of it. Once you use a bit of it, it’s gone forever. (Unlikely money, which you can get more and more of, and probably will throughout your […]

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looking for a job when you already have one

4 Benefits of Looking for a Job When You Already Have One

The absolute best time to look for a job is when you already have a job that you enjoy. It sounds crazy, but it’s true… You don’t always need to be on an active job search, but taking calls from recruiters as well as occasionally networking and listening to what else is out there can […]

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How to Succeed When Working for Multiple Managers

Tips for Working With Multiple Managers

As you engage in more responsibilities at work, you are likely to find yourself working with more than one manager at a time. You will usually report directly to one person but might be working on projects with a few other people. This is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself and get […]

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5 Reasons Young Professionals Should Use a Credit Card

I recently had a discussion with a few colleagues at work, debating whether it is necessary or even beneficial to make day-to-day purchases with a credit card (as opposed to a debit card or cash). My stance was, and still is, that everyone should be using a credit card for their purchases and then paying […]

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