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fired vs. laid off vs. terminated - differences and what to say

Difference Between Laid Off, Fired, and Terminated (And What To Say)

There are some key differences between being fired, terminated, and laid off, and it’s important to know the definitions before deciding what to say to employers. Why this matters: There are some risks that come with saying you were laid off when you were actually fired for performance or policy violations. And if you were […]

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how to make money after being laid off

How to Make Money After Being Laid Off: 11 Ideas

If you were laid off, your first thought might have been, “How am I going to make money?” or “How will I pay my bills?” And while finding a new job is ideal, this can take a few months, and you may need other sources of income in the short-term. To help with this, we […]

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how long does it take to find a job after being laid off

How Long Does It Take to Find a Job? (After Layoffs and More)

One of the toughest parts of job searching is not knowing how long it will take.  This is especially difficult to cope with after being laid off, or when looking for your first job as a recent college graduate. So after years of working as a recruiter, I’m going to share the average job search […]

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Common feelings after being laid off - depression and more

Common Feelings After Being Laid Off

Being laid off is tough, especially if you weren’t expecting it. You may experience depression after a layoff, as well as feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and more. It’s natural to have these feelings, but they can also prevent you from being productive and finding a new jo. So in this article, we’re going to look […]

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How to explain being fired for performance or misconduct - examples

How to Explain Being Fired: 3 Examples

Finding a new job after getting fired can be stressful, but it is doable. I’ve helped multiple people do this as a recruiter, and I’ve done it myself early in my career.  So in this article, I’m going to walk you through: How to explain being fired for performance (with examples) How to explain being fired […]

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how to find a job after being laid off - things to do

What to Do When You Get Laid Off: 7 Crucial Steps

Whether you see it coming from a mile away, or it comes as a complete shock, being laid off can rock your world. It doesn’t have to be a setback (or a drop in pay) in your career, though! With the right steps, you can bounce back and find an equivalent or better position. In […]

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