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what do you like to do for fun- example interview answers

Answers to “What Do You Do for Fun?” (Interview Question)

In an interview, hiring managers aren’t just looking to see if you can do a job; they’re curious about your personality, too. So they may ask an interview question about how you spend your free time and what you like to do. When the interviewer asks, “What do you do for fun?” or, “What do […]

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how is your previous experience relevant to this role - sample answers

Answers to “How is Your Previous Experience Relevant to this Role?”

There are a couple of topics that employers care most about in a job interview, and none are more important than your past experience and how that will benefit you in their role. When you answer a question like, “How is your previous work experience relevant to this position?” you need to show an understanding […]

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when can you start working interview answers

How to Answer “When Can You Start Working?”

“When can you start?” may seem like a simple interview question, but if handled incorrectly, how you answer could cost you the position. So, like any of the most common interview questions, it’s best to prepare ahead of time. But what’s the best way to answer? I’ll go over some tips so you know what […]

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how to describe your work style - interview answers

Answers to “How Would You Describe Your Work Style?”

When employers ask you to describe your work style in a job interview, they’re testing you for a few key factors. And there are some great words to use but others that you definitely shouldn’t use. So in this article, I’ll share the best ways to describe your work style in a job interview, with […]

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Walk Me Through Your Resume: Answer Examples

When an interviewer says, “Walk me through your resume,” they’re asking for a few specific reasons. And there are some key mistakes that can cost you job offers if you answer incorrectly. As a former recruiter, I’m going to share exactly how to walk an employer through your resume and what the interviewer is looking […]

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tell me about a time you went above and beyond - interview answer examples

Answers to “Tell Me About a Time You Went Above and Beyond”

Employers love to ask behavioral interview questions like, “Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to get the job done.” They ask this question in retail, customer service, nursing and more… to test your work ethic and other important traits. As a former recruiter, I’m going to show you, with plenty of […]

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what can you bring to the company and job - interview answers

“What Can You Bring to the Company?” Best Answers

There are a couple of reasons that employers ask what you can bring to their company or job, and you need to be ready to answer with confidence if you want to get hired! In this article, I’ll walk you through why interviewers ask this question, what qualities they’re looking for, the best ways to […]

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why are you looking for a new job - best answer examples

How to Answer “Why Are You Looking for a New Job?” (6 Examples)

If you’re looking for a new position or trying to change jobs, employers are going to ask why! And if you don’t have a convincing answer, it could cost you the opportunity. So in this article, I’ll walk you through the following: Why interviewers ask, “Why are you looking for a new job?” How to […]

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second round interview questions

28 Common Second Round Interview Questions

If you’re preparing for a second job interview, you’re in the right place. I’m going to share the top second round interview questions… based on my experience as a recruiter. You’re also going to get tips for answering and the common variations for each question so that you’re fully-prepared and NEVER caught off-guard in the […]

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final round job interview questions and answers

11 Final Interview Questions to Prepare For

If you’re preparing for a final-round job interview, this article will help immediately. We’re going to look at three critical factors: The top 11 final job interview questions to know Steps for how to prepare for a final interview and what to expect overall My #1 little-known tip for how to succeed in a final […]

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how to answer are you a leader or a follower - interview examples

How to Answer “Are You a Leader or Follower?” (Interview Question)

Don’t get caught off-guard next time an employer asks you, “Are you a leader or a follower?” There are a couple of key things they’re looking for, and one particular reason they’re asking! So in this article, I’m going to explain how to give the best possible answer based on my experience as a recruiter. […]

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how do you handle stress at work - example answers

3 Answers to “How Do You Handle Stress?”

Employers often ask interview questions like, “how do you handle stress?” or “how do you work under pressure?” They ask for a few reasons (which I’ll explain in this article), and they won’t feel comfortable hiring you if you can’t give a good answer. They may also ask a behavioral interview question like, “Tell me […]

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