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Types of Job Interviews

6 Types of Interviews (and What to Expect)

There are 6 main types of job interviews employers use throughout an interview process. Not every employer will use all 6 types of interviews, but you should be ready for each just in case. Fortunately, there are some tactics and preparation steps you can use for each type of interview to better prepare. So in […]

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How to Stand Out in an Interview

How to Stand Out in an Interview: 10 Expert Ideas

Employers interview a LOT of people for each job… sometimes 20 or more people get interviewed for a single opening. So you need a great way to stand out in your job interviews to separate yourself from the crowd. Fortunately, this article is going to walk you through everything you need.  You’re going to learn […]

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job interview dos and donts

20 Crucial Job Interview Dos And Don’ts

The interview is your foot in the door with your next potential employer, but you only get one shot at impressing them. The following dos and don’ts will help you put your absolute best foot forward and get more job offers… 20 Dos And Dont’s For Job Interviews What to Wear Do: Research the company, […]

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explaining gaps in employment

How to Explain Gaps in Employment (With Examples)

Explaining gaps in employment can be intimidating, but there are a couple of effective methods you can use. In this article, I’m going to show you how to explain employment gaps in your interviews, resume and cover letter… with word-for-word examples and sample explanations. Let’s get started with the interview first… Explaining Gaps In Employment […]

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how to research a company for a job interview

How to Research a Company for an Interview: 10 Steps

In the next 10 minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how to research a company for your job interview. You want to go into the interview feeling ready and confident, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. That’s what good pre-interview research can do for you. But what’s the fastest and easiest way to […]

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how to prepare for a skype interview

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview: 9 Tips and Strategies

More and more employers are using Skype interviews and other video interviews during their screening process. They may use a Skype interview in place of a phone interview, or after the phone interview before bringing you on-site.  And while you’ll face a lot of the same questions they’ll ask in any interview, there are some […]

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how to prepare for a sales interview - tips and steps

How to Prepare For a Sales Interview: Tips and Strategies

If you’re looking for how to prepare for a sales interview, you’re in the right place. Sales is one of the best careers out there, but these positions have some of the toughest interviews. You’ll face questions about your mental toughness, why you want to work in sales, past challenges and success, and more. So […]

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why cant i find a job

Why Can’t I Find a Job? 17 Common Reasons

If you’re job searching and not getting the results you want, this article is going to help you answer “Why can’t I find a job?” and turn your job search around. And if you’ve had interviews but weren’t selected, I’ll help you answer the question “Why won’t anyone hire me?” (and I’ll help you build […]

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how to create the best elevator pitch

Best Elevator Pitch With Examples For Job Seekers

In this article I’m going to quickly show you some great elevator pitch examples for job seekers, plus how to go create your own quickly and easily so you can find a job faster. What Is An Elevator Pitch? Essentially it’s a short summary about yourself and what you do, in the time it takes […]

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105 questions to ask in job interview

105 Questions to Ask an Interviewer

The most overlooked key to job interview success: The questions you ask in the interview. They can be the deciding factor in whether or not you’re hired. In this article, I’m going to share 100+ good questions to ask your interviewer. And it’s all broken down by category so you can ask a mix of questions about the […]

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job interview tips- how to pass a job interview

Powerful Job Interview Tips From a Recruiter: How to Pass an Interview

If you think most hiring decisions are based on your experience and qualifications, then you better keep reading. Your resume gets you in the door, but how you interview determines whether you’re offered the job. This article will teach you proven job interview tips to help you pass a job interview and get the job you want. […]

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good questions to ask recruiters

10 Good Questions to Ask Recruiters

If you’re looking for questions to ask recruiters, you’ve come to the right place. After working as a recruiter for 6+ years, I’m going to share the 9 best questions to ask a recruiter in a first conversation. I’ll also give you my best tips on how to ask them about salary. Asking these questions […]

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