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what should you put on your resume

Wondering What to Put on Your Resume? Focus on Numbers

Resumes usually contain words for the most part, and words tend to get skimmed over, especially when they’re in paragraph format. The more words you put on your resume, the less the hiring manager is actually going to read. It’s ironic but that’s the reality. So what can you put on a resume to grab […]

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How to Tell if Your Headhunter Gives a Damn About You

There are a lot of headhunters and recruiters out there. Some are good, some are bad. Even if you located a good one, they won’t be of much use to you if they’re not engaged and committed to helping you in your job search. The following tips will help you know when your headhunter actually […]

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how to explain employment gaps on your resume

How to Explain an Employment Gap on Your Resume

UPDATE: New, improved version of this article available here: … Having a gap in your work history isn’t automatically a deal-breaker when applying for new jobs, but if you approach the issue in the wrong way, it could negatively impact your job search. The two times this issue will come up is during an interview, and on […]

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7 Ways You Could Be Killing Your Job Search Without Even Knowing It

7 Ways You Could Be Killing Your Job Search Without Knowing It

This topic is pretty self explanatory so I’ll jump right in. Here are some common ways that you might be hurting your job search efforts without even knowing it: 1. Not having an updated LinkedIn profile. 90+% of recruiters use LinkedIn. If they can’t find you or if they find a profile that looks neglected […]

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Creative Job Application

Job Search Tips- Creative Job Applications

If you’ve applied for any jobs lately, you probably found that most of the process took place online. The standard job application process is becoming more and more automated and generic, but that doesn’t mean your approach has to be the same. Even in a world of online forms and resume-scanning computer programs… There’s still […]

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