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best tech job boards

The 24 Best Tech and IT Job Boards for 2021

Tech is a popular industry to work in, partly because most tech jobs pay very well. But where can you find jobs with great tech companies? Well, job boards are one place you can start. We put together this list of the best tech job boards so you can quickly and easily find jobs in […]

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applying for out of state jobs

How to Get a Job in Another State – 8 Tips From a Recruiter

I’m asked about this a lot: How to get a job in another city or state. You need to avoid being ruled out based on your location, handle complicated interview schedules, and more. There’s a reason so many people fail at getting a job before they relocate. Fortunately, as a recruiter, I’ve helped numerous people […]

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Career Change at age 50+

Changing Jobs or Careers at 50 (With or Without a Degree)

Going through a job or career change at 50+ can be challenging, especially if you’ve been with the same company for years. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to make sure you get interviews and end your job search successfully. We invited professional resume writer Virginia Franco to share 7 “musts” when changing jobs or careers […]

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what to do when you can't find a job in your field

What To Do When You Can’t Find a Job In Your Field – 11 Smart Ideas

So you finished school, got your degree and you’re excited to use it. But what happens when you can’t find a job in your field? I’m going to show you 11 things you can do right away. Sit back, relax, grab a notepad so you remember all of this, and then scroll down to get started. […]

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The Best Day and Time to Apply for a Job Online

So you’re wondering… what is the best day to apply for a job? What about the best time to apply for a jobs online during the day? Good news – we did some research and here’s what you need to know: The Best Time to Apply for Jobs Online: (For the best day to apply for a job, […]

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should i use a recruiter to find a job

Should I Use a Recruiter in My Job Search?

You need a new job and you want it to be as painless as possible. So you’re wondering… “Should I use a recruiter in my job search?” The answer is “it depends.” I’m going to show you how to decide for yourself if you should use a recruiter. First things first… we need to separate the two […]

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find the perfect job

Pymetrics: The One Tool You Need to Find the Perfect Job

Trying to find the perfect job is stressful. If you choose a well-fitted role, you can set yourself up for an enjoyable and productive work life. However, if you end up in a role you aren’t well suited for, you could end up spending years unfulfilled. To make this important decision, most recruiting processes today […]

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why cant i find a job

Why Can’t I Find a Job? 16 Common Reasons

If you’ve been job searching for more than a month and haven’t gotten the results you want, this article is going to help you answer “Why can’t I find a job?” Go through the scenarios below, decide which one describes your situation best, and read what you need to do to fix it and get […]

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How to get past online job applications

How to Beat Applicant Tracking Systems With Your Resume

If you’re applying for jobs online, it’s crucial to know how to get past the applicant tracking system (“ATS” for short) Most employers use these automated systems to check your resume for keywords and other crucial info before a real person sees the document. And without the right information, presented in a way that the […]

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How to start a job search

How to Start a Job Search: 7 Steps

It’s tempting to start applying for jobs immediately when you decide you want to start a job search.  However, there are a few key steps you should do BEFORE applying for any jobs… and these steps will actually help you get hired in less time.   So I’m going to reveal what I’d do if I […]

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how to find your dream job

How to Find Your Dream Job in 4 Steps

If you’re looking for how to find your dream job, you’re in the right place. I’m going to walk you through how to get noticed and get responses from top companies so you can find your dream job. And if you’re not sure what your dream job is yet, I’ll show you some tricks to […]

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best time to apply for jobs and look for a job

The 2 Best Times of Year to Apply for Jobs (And When to Avoid)

Note: If you’re looking for the best days or times of the week to apply for jobs, you can read it in this article. The article below is about which times of year and specific months are best. What is the Best Time of Year to Look for Jobs? January and February is the best time of […]

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