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how you turn down a job offer - example letters and emails

How to Turn Down a Job Offer: 4 Sample Emails/Letters

If you’re looking for examples of how to turn down a job offer gracefully, you’re in the right place. I recently posted on LinkedIn about why you should try to get multiple job offers. That way, if there’s an unexpected issue or one falls through, you still have options.  Yet a few people commented that […]

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how much does a career coach - average cost of 50 coaches

How Much Does a Career Coach Cost? Average Costs and More

If you’re looking for how much a career coach costs, you’ve come to the right place. We asked 50 career coaches in the US, UK, and Canada what they’re currently charging new clients to come up with how much a career coach costs on average, and the highest and lowest coaching rates available.  Let’s get […]

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write a great linkedin profile summary - tips and examples for job seekers

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary (5 Examples for Job Seekers)

Your LinkedIn “summary” is one of the first places recruiters and employers look on your profile. And if you don’t impress them, they might quickly scroll past the rest of your profile and move on to someone else’s. So here’s what you’re going to get in this article: 11-step checklist showing you how to write […]

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best remote job boards

The 18 Best Remote Job Boards

Working remotely is incredible – no dress code, no commute, and more freedom than you know what to do with. But how do you find remote jobs online to apply for? In this article, we’re going to look at the best remote job boards to find full-time remote/telecommuting jobs and actually get interviews. Let’s get started… The […]

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Why People Fail Job Interviews

Why People Fail Interviews: Top 13 Mistakes

There are 13 common reasons why people fail interviews… from not showing the personality traits that employers want to see, to not asking the right types of questions at the end of the interview. A lot of job seekers come to me saying, “I keep failing interviews,” but they aren’t sure what to do differently […]

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Sample Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

Top 17 Customer Service Interview Questions

Interviewing for customer service jobs? We’ve got you covered! We’re going to look at 17 sample customer service representative interview questions, including the top behavioral customer service interview questions. These are the questions you can expect to hear in any customer service interview… whether it’s a first phone interview or face-to-face interview. Make sure you […]

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best linkedin headlines for job seekers

The 10 Best LinkedIn Headlines For Job Seekers (Examples)

Getting noticed (and getting interviews) on LinkedIn starts with your headline. It’s the FIRST thing people see after your name… …When you comment on a post… When you appear in search results (and recruiters are searching LinkedIn CONSTANTLY)… Or when a hiring manager checks out your profile before interviewing you. >> And a lot of […]

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best jobs and careers for recent college graduates

The 3 Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the best jobs for recent college grads who want to earn more money, have better job security, and find enjoyable/exciting work at interesting companies. After years of working as a Recruiter, learning about different positions, hearing what different jobs pay, and studying employment trends… these are […]

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data entry job interview questions and answer examples

Top Data Entry Job Interview Questions and Answers

Common data entry interview questions include questions about your attention to detail, your ability to work in a fast-paced environment, why you want to work in data entry, and more. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top data entry job interview questions and answers to help you prepare to get hired! Let’s […]

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where to learn digital marketing online

Where to Learn Digital Marketing Online – Top 8 Free/Paid Resources

Digital marketing is one of the best careers to get into right now (if not THE best). It has EVERYTHING you’d look for in a new career: High-pay, great future employment forecasts, consistent growth, and low barrier to entry. …Even if you don’t have a highly-technical background, Marketing degree, or other advanced education (you don’t […]

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Quitting A Job Gracefully - How To Resign From A Job

Quitting A Job Gracefully – How To Resign From a Job

If you’re wondering how to resign from a job, then you’re in the right place. If you’re wondering, “Do I need to give two weeks notice?”, we’re going to cover that too. Giving a two week notice is an essential part of quitting a job gracefully, and I’ll explain the two big reasons why below.  […]

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what to put for desired salary on job applications and interviews

How to Answer Desired Salary Questions on Applications and Interviews

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you what to put for desired salary on job applications, and the best answers for, “what is your desired salary?” in interviews. Let’s start with the most important rule: The best answers for, “what is your desired salary?” on applications and interviews will AVOID telling the […]

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