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guide to changing careers at age 30, 40 or 50

Tips for Changing Careers at 30, 40 or 50+

Changing careers isn’t easy, but if you’re unhappy with your current line of work, it’s an option to consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re changing careers at 30, 40, 50, or really any age. The amount of time you’ve invested in your current career is a sunk cost either way. You’re never going to get it back. Spending […]

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kdp kindle direct publishing experiences

What I Learned Self-Publishing an eBook on Amazon

I recently published a short book on Amazon using their Kindle Direct Publishing platform (KDP). Self publishing is becoming more and more popular so I wanted to write this post to talk about the pros and cons of self publishing. The pleasant surprises, the frustrations, the things I didn’t find out until it was too late, […]

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This Book Explains How to Get Rich Quickly

I’ve never done a book review on this blog, until now. I’ve read some great books that I probably should have reviewed. But this one book left me no choice. It’s that good.   The Millionaire Fastlane exposes the basic principles that define how much you’re earning and why. And if you want to earn more, it tells you […]

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how to get into project management

How to get into Project Management

Getting into Project Management takes a certain set of skills. Whether you’re looking to transfer to a Project Management job in your current company, or apply for a position with a new company, this article will show you what’s needed. If you’re looking to get into Project Management, you should try to demonstrate your ability in the areas below during […]

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how to ask for a raise at work

How To Ask For a Raise at Work

Asking for a raise can be intimidating if it isn’t something you’ve done before. But getting over your doubts or concerns and learning how to ask properly can have a huge immediate payoff! Thousands of dollars potentially. And even better… it can also help you earn more money throughout your entire career. It’s a proven fact […]

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job interview tips- how to pass a job interview

Powerful Job Interview Tips From A Recruiter

If you think most hiring decisions are based on hard experience and qualifications, better keep reading. A resume gets you in the door, but how you interview determines whether you’re offered the job. This article will cover 2 types of job interview tips to help you pass a job interview and get the job you want: Interview Preparation– steps […]

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how to find your dream job

The Secret Strategy for Finding Your Dream Job

The hardest part about job searching these days is cutting through the noise and getting noticed. Good postings receive 50 or 100 applicants. How can you stand out and even be considered with this many people in the mix? I recently sat down with my colleague, Ryan Mulvihill, to discuss his new book Startup Idea Action Plan. His […]

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Why You Should Write Like a 5th Grader

Writing is important in any career. Or any business. Writing is how we communicate in business. It’s how we convince a customer to stay with our company. Or convince somebody to buy a product online. Later in this article I’ll show you exactly how to check what level you’re writing at. But you might want […]

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best time to apply for jobs and look for a job

The 2 Best Times of Year to Apply for Jobs (And When to Avoid)

Note: If you’re looking for the best days or times of the week to apply for jobs, you can read it in this article. The article below is about which times of year and specific months are best. What is the Best Time to Look for Jobs? There are certain times in the year that are far better than […]

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what it takes to get a job at google

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google? (Infographic)

Working at Google is a career goal for many people. It takes a lot to get there though. Landing any job at Google is tough because they hire the best of the best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a software engineer or an accountant, or receptionist. But exactly how hard is it to get a job at […]

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Finding the Path of Least Resistance in Your Career

  “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ― Mark Twain Have you ever had a day off from work and driven around mid-day, astonished at how little traffic there is? You can get anywhere you’re going 5x faster than usual. This simple concept of trying to drive […]

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how far in advance should i apply for a job

How Early To Apply For Jobs (When Moving And Other Scenarios)

I received the following message from a reader about how far in advance to apply for jobs when moving (personal details changed): I am a Registered Nurse and plan on moving from New York to Austin TX in June 2015. When should I start applying for jobs in Texas? My friend says I should start applying now in January but I’m […]

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