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starting work after unemployment

6 Tips for Getting Back in the Game After Long-Term Unemployment

With the unemployment rate at a super low 4 percent, many people who haven’t been able to find jobs are going back to work. If you’ve been unemployed for a long stretch of time, you too may be headed back into the workforce. And, if you’ve been out of work for a significant amount of […]

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how to find a job after being laid off - things to do

What to Do After Being Laid Off – 7 Steps for 7 Days

Whether you see it coming from a mile away, or it comes as a complete shock, losing your job in a layoff can rock your world. To help you find a job after being laid off, we created a step-by-step list of 7 things to do the first week after being laid off. Follow the […]

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How to Write a Letter of Resignation

How to Write a Letter of Resignation

One of the fundamentals of actor training is scene entrances and exits. Good actors know their entrances and exits are what will be remembered, and that holds true in your career as well. So in this article, we’ll look at how to write a great letter of resignation (and how to hand it in to your […]

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what you need to know about job hopping

What You Need to Know About Job Hopping in 2018

A new study that delves into retention and job-hopping behaviors was recently released, and the findings provide some interesting insights for jobseekers. The 2018 Job-Hopping Report, commissioned by LiveCareer, explores whether observations about rampant job-hopping are accurate; the report also delves into worker engagement in the workplace. Employers fear that business will suffer as a […]

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interview question tell me mistake you made

How to Answer Interview Questions About Past Mistakes and Failures

If there ever were an interview question that required a mix of diplomacy and vulnerability, it’s the dreaded, “Tell me about a time when you failed” question. You might also hear variations like, “Tell me about a mistake you made.” After spending time learning how to build a resume and cover letter that shine a […]

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good professional references

How to Get Perfect Professional References to Use in Your Job Search

You’ve learned how to build a resume and craft a great cover letter. And you’ve written both, to perfection. You’ve nailed the phone screen and the onsite interview. Finally, you’ve gotten the call: you are a finalist for the role you’ve been pursuing, and now your potential employer wants to speak to your professional references. But who […]

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social media job search

4 Tips to Prevent Social Media from Hindering Your Job Search

Your social media accounts are snapshots of your life. Your photos, comments, and thoughts are stored in perpetuity once they are posted online, which can be great for a walk down memory lane but not so great when you are looking for a new job. By now we’ve all heard the news: recruiters often actively […]

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phone interview dos and donts

Preparing for Your Phone Interview – Do’s and Don’ts for 2018

Once you’ve applied to a job post, you may be invited to do a phone interview. This is an indication that the recruiter has reviewed your resume and found that you have the basic skills and experience required for the role. The goal of the phone interview – or phone screen – is to weed […]

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soft skills you need to succeed

The Soft Skills You Need to Succeed in 2018

It’s natural to want to show off your impressive hard skills when you are looking for a new job. But to succeed in today’s job market, jobseekers have to include an equal balance of hard skills and soft skills on their resumes. New research suggests that even those jobseekers who are adding soft skills to […]

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how to write resume work experience section

How to Write a Flawless Resume Work Experience Section

The work experience section of your resume is one of several factors that will determine whether you get the interview – and get the job. A well-written work experience section will show recruiters at-a-glance the jobs you’ve held and what you’ve accomplished over the course of your career. Here are six tips for how to […]

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get a new job in 2018

Want a New Job in 2018? Get Your Game Plan Together Now

Do you ever reach the end of a year only to realize that you accomplished none of your career goals? Have you been thinking about a move to a new job for ages, but doing nothing about it? Let 2018 be the year that you take control of your future. Stop complaining about your current […]

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how to put keywords on your resume

Resume Keywords: A Jobseeker’s Silver Bullet

Ask any recruiter and they’ll tell you: Putting the right keywords on your resume is critical to achieving success as a jobseeker. But do you really understand why keywords are important, and how you should go about using them? Read on for all the ins and outs of incorporating keywords into your resume so you […]

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