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how to get your resume read and noticed

How to Get Your Resume Read – The “Screen Test”

If you’re looking for how to get your resume read by hiring managers and recruiters, then you’ve come to the right place. When most people think of how technology has changed job searching, they think of applying online and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). While there is no doubt that technology has transformed the job application […]

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forgot to mention something in job interview

Forgot to Ask a Question in Your Interview? Here’s What to Do

An interview is always a high-pressure situation. No matter how much you prepare your answers, you might look back and wish you had said something different. The same goes for the portion at the end of your meeting when you’re the one in charge of asking questions — you might’ve forgotten something important you wanted to […]

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new linkedin features job seekers should know

4 New LinkedIn Features Job Seekers Should Know About

You’ve probably noticed LinkedIn is in continuous flux, with tweaks to the interface and new features rolling out fairly regularly – often with little to no warning. To make thing even more complex, rollouts occur in waves so one user might have a new feature while the other is left waiting. For job seekers and […]

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video job interview tips

8 Video Job Interview Tips to Get You Hired

Video interviews usually take place after a phone screen but before an in-person one. In fact, it has become quite common to have two or more virtual interviews before you ever head on over to an office to meet someone face-to-face. Below are 5 Video Interview Do’s and 3 Don’ts to help you nail it! […]

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4 keys to conduct a successful job search

How to Conduct a Successful Job Search – 4 Things Top Job Seekers Do Differently

I’ve been fortunate to interview many successful career professionals throughout my career, and have had the opportunity to pick their brains about what worked (and what didn’t!) during their job searches. Common themes have emerged. Here’s a list of 4 things most would do differently if turning back time was an option. These tips will […]

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Get organized in job search

5 Ways to Get Organized and Save Time in Your Job Search

Job searching takes time. Lots of time. Much of this time is wasted on tasks that can be simplified–if not completely cut out–by getting organized during the job search process. Here are five tips to help you get organized in your job search so you aren’t bogged down with busy-work. With your new found time, […]

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best time of year for job hunting

3 Reasons Winter is THE BEST TIME to Job Hunt

Recruiters agree, according to this article, that recruiting cycles occur in waves. Although personally not a fan of winter and the cold weather that comes with it, I’ll acknowledge the one upside: January and February are hands down the BEST time to job hunt. Here’s why: #1 Companies Have Their Foot Back on the […]

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making a career change - how to change careers

Tips for Making a Career Change – From a 3X Successful Career Changer

A 3X successful career changer, Drew Schuetz’s career path has included moves from San Francisco to Chicago to Wisconsin, and now back to California – with roles as a flight attendant, a telecom account executive, and a university tech services professional. Early in 2017, Drew leveraged his then newly-earned MBA and BBA – earned back-to-back […]

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make your job search more effective

8 Productivity Tools to Make Your Job Search More Effective

It’s not easy managing a full-throttle job search. From conducting research to sending emails, boosting your brand on social media to remembering to follow up. While cloning yourself or creating more hours in the day isn’t yet a reality – these 8 tips and tools will help you make your job search easier and more […]

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resumes that stand out - by the numbers

How To Write Resumes That Will Stand Out – By The Numbers

I’m going to reveal a simple, easy formula to write resumes that will stand out and get read, so you can get more interviews immediately. Writing a resume that gets read, and gets you callbacks, is tough. Trying to boil your work struggles and successes onto a few pages often results in a super wordy […]

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avoid common resume mistakes

Avoid These 4 Common Resume Mistakes

Thanks to a strong job market and a high number of people flocking to it – competition for top jobs and top pay are steeper than ever. Your resume is one of the the most important tools for getting interviews and landing these top jobs, and there are a couple resume mistakes that you need […]

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how to find a full time remote job

How To Find Remote Positions – 6 Tips

More and more people are working remotely today. Arrangements that allow people to work from home have grown 80 percent since 2005, which helps families that often relocate, like those in the military, find consistent work. Here are some GREAT reasons to try to find a full time remote job: Flexibility to take care of […]

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