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How do you motivate others -interview question

“How Do You Motivate Others?” Interview Question

Any time you interview for a leadership position, you could be asked “How do you motivate others?” Even if you’re not interviewing for a team leader role, you could still be asked about how you motivate those around you. And giving the wrong answer could cost you the job. Beyond this, the hiring manager may […]

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What does integrity mean to you - interview question and answer

Answers to “What Does Integrity Mean to You?”

Employers ask integrity interview questions to judge your character and trustworthiness, and one of the most common questions is, “What does integrity mean to you?” And if you don’t show the right moral and ethical principles in your answer, it could cost you the job. Coming up, we’ll look at how to show integrity and […]

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Can you bring notes to an interview

Can You Bring Notes to a Job Interview?

You can bring notes to a job interview, but you should ask the interviewer for permission as you enter the meeting. And you should limit your note-taking and note-reading to 10% of the interview or less. You may not want to bring notes, though. There are pros and cons to doing so, which I’ll share […]

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How to calm your nerves before an interview

How to Calm Nerves Before an Interview

It’s normal to feel nervous before an interview, but you don’t have to stay that way. Taking steps to calm your nerves before an interview won’t just help you feel better and more relaxed… it’ll also help you show more confidence and deliver better answers. In this article, we’ll look at the best ways to […]

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List of job strengths and weaknesses with examples

Work Strengths and Weaknesses List (25 Examples)

If you’re looking for a list of example work strengths and weaknesses, then this article is for you. I’m going to give you the best strengths and weaknesses for job interviews, and word-for-word example interview answers so you can see what a great response looks like. Let’s get started… List of Strengths for Job Interviews […]

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What challenges have you overcome - interview answers and examples

Answers to “What Challenges Have You Overcome?”

In a job interview, you’re likely to be asked, “What challenges or obstacles have you overcome?” Or, “What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?” But what type of challenge should you describe? And do you need to pick a work example? Coming up, I’ll share why employers ask interview questions about challenges and how to […]

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how long do job interviews last - average times

How Long Do Job Interviews Last?

Job interviews last between 45 minutes and one hour on average. Phone and video interviews tend to take less time, while in-person interviews, group interviews, and technical interviews take longer. But is it bad if your interview only took 20-30 minutes? Not always. Coming up, I’m going to reveal exactly how long job interviews last […]

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Are you detail oriented? definition and examples of being detail oriented

Answers to “Are You Detail Oriented?” (4 Examples)

In job interviews, you’re likely to be asked, “Are you a detail-oriented person?” And when the interviewer asks this question, they’re looking for a specific type of answer. Coming up, I’m going to share: Why employers ask “Are you detail oriented?” How to answer to impress the interviewer 16 examples of being detail oriented 4 […]

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alternatives to college education after high school

11 Alternatives to College Education

If you’re looking for good college alternatives after high school, then this list is for you. Below, I’m going to share multiple low-cost alternatives to college education that can lead to great career opportunities. There’s never been a better time to find career success without a bachelor’s degree. Here’s how: 1. Online courses and bootcamps […]

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good careers for introverts - high pay and demand

Good Career Choices for Introverts (High Pay/Demand)

If you’re looking for good career paths for introverts, then this article is for you. There are quite a few high-paying, in-demand careers for introverts, including some that you wouldn’t expect. Below, we’ll look at the best jobs for introverts, including business careers for introverts, creative careers for introverts, and even medical careers for introverts. […]

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Sample requests to work remotely - letters and emails

Formal Request to Work Remotely: Sample Letters

If you’re looking to write a request to work remotely, then this article is for you. We’re going to cover how to write all parts of a request to work remotely, including examples/templates for asking your manager to work from home, email subject lines, and more. Don’t send your remote work request letter before reading […]

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Is career coaching worth it

Is Career Coaching Worth It? 7 Benefits

If you’re wondering whether career coaching is worth it (and what benefits career coaches provide), then this article is for you. A career coach can help you job hunt and reach your career goals faster, but career coaching isn’t always worth it for everyone. Coming up, we’ll look at what career coaches do, the results […]

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