5 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn

5 Reasons You Should Be Using LinkedIn

reasons you should use linkedin regularly

If you’re not using LinkedIn, here are 5 things you’re missing out on. If you already use LinkedIn, make sure you’re taking advantage of all these opportunities!

Top 5 reasons to use LinkedIn:

1. Recruiters use LinkedIn.

Maybe I’m biased as a recruiter but it can’t hurt to receive an email about opportunities and have a chance to connect with recruiters that have access to the hidden job market. If you’re not interested in the opportunity, that’s fine. But hearing about things can’t hurt, and you’ll establish connections that you can utilize if you’re ever laid off or unemployed. Plus, searching for jobs while employed is actually a great strategy. I wrote about it in this article. 

2. LinkedIn sends you news for your specific industry.

LinkedIn has become a lot more than a social networking site. They have many types of industry news that you can follow. So you can hear the latest news in your category while also keeping up with colleagues.

How impressed will your boss be when you find out about a big news story before they do? It’s always good to know what’s going on in your industry.

3. It’s an easy way to stay connected with former colleagues.

LinkedIn helps you maintain a record of the last contact you’ve had with each person, as well as their contact info (phone numbers, email address, etc). You can send a direct message via LinkedIn too.

This seems a lot more appealing to me than writing people’s phone numbers down, hoping they don’t change their number, etc. That’s not a very efficient way to track your colleagues down after a few years. Even email addresses change occasionally. Even if you just log on once a month, it’s a good tool for keeping in touch.

4. You can follow awesome ‘Influencers’ like Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

Extremely smart/successful people write articles on LinkedIn and you can follow them and comment/discuss their posts. Whether you’re trying to get a promotion at your current job or trying to start your own company, the motivation and tips you’ll find here are very valuable.

5. It’s free networking.

You don’t have to use it a lot. In fact, most people don’t (LinkedIn has some of the lowest numbers in terms of active users vs. registered users on a social network). But it’s free, so you might as well make an account and set up your profile for the future. You never know who will contact you.

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