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While nursing has traditionally been related to people working at the patient’s bedside, the field is rapidly changing. More nurses are transitioning into work-from-home roles, offering care outside of hospitals. 

The pandemic accelerated this shift, with over 40% of frontline nurses providing virtual care in 2021, especially in ambulatory and home care settings.

The role of nurses has evolved significantly over the years, primarily due to the growing trend of remote work. This shift is revolutionizing the way nurses provide care as more individuals seek healthcare services in the comfort of their homes.

As a result, there is a rising demand for remote nursing services. 

In this article, we explore 10 work-from-home nursing jobs, review their salaries and duties, and learn about companies hiring work from home nurses.

10 Work-from-Home Nursing Jobs

Work-from-home nursing jobs allow nurses to provide healthcare services remotely, accommodating their professional expertise and personal commitments. These roles encompass various specialties and responsibilities, enabling them to deliver care and support from their homes while earning competitive compensation

Our criteria for the 10 work-from-home nursing jobs are based on the following:

  • Licensing and Certification
  • Educational Background
  • Experience Level
  • Specialization
  • Technology and Telehealth Skills
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Job Responsibilities

Here are some work-from-home jobs registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing students can pursue: 

1. Nurse Informaticist

Nurse Informaticists working from home can significantly contribute to healthcare by harnessing technology and data to improve patient care while enjoying a flexible and forward-looking career.

Primary Duties:

  • Collaborate with IT teams and healthcare providers to integrate and optimize electronic health records (EHR) and other healthcare information systems.
  • Analyze healthcare data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in patient care and administrative processes.
  • Oversee the management, maintenance, and troubleshooting of healthcare information systems and technologies.

Skills Required:

  • Problem-solving skills to make data-driven decisions to improve patient care and operational processes.
  • Excellent communication skills are required to explain complex informatics concepts to healthcare teams and IT professionals.
  • A deep understanding of healthcare data security regulations and privacy standards, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is crucial to ensure the protection of patient information.

Average Salary: $120,433 per year

2. Legal Nurse Consultant

A Legal Nurse Consultant is an excellent work-from-home nursing job due to its flexibility, allowing nurses to apply their medical expertise in legal cases while maintaining their work-life balance.

Primary Duties:

  • Examine and analyze medical records, reports, and documents to identify relevant information for legal cases.
  • Offer expert opinions and insights on medical issues, causation, and standard of care in legal proceedings.
  • Research medical literature and regulations to support legal arguments and case strategies.
  • Collaborate with attorneys to prepare legal cases, including summarizing medical records and preparing exhibits.

Skills Required:

  • Ability to conduct thorough research on medical topics, regulations, and legal precedents.
  • Critical thinking skills to analyze complex medical information and identify issues.
  • Meticulous attention to detail in reviewing medical records and documents.

Average Salary: $114,032 per year

3. Online Nurse Educator

Online Nurse Educator is one of the top nursing degree jobs. It’s a career path that allows nurses to reach a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries. They can teach and support nursing students or professionals from various locations, offering greater flexibility and balance between professional commitments and personal life.

Primary Duties:

  • Design and develop nursing education programs and courses, including lesson plans, assignments, and assessment tools.
  • Deliver lectures, lead discussions, and provide practical demonstrations to nursing students in online classroom settings.
  • Evaluate students’ performance through exams, assignments, and clinical evaluations and provide feedback to support their learning and growth.

Skills Required:

  • Exceptional communication skills to convey complex nursing concepts and engage students in discussions.
  • Ability to adapt to evolving teaching technologies and methodologies, including online teaching platforms.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address student challenges and adapt teaching methods.

Average Salary: $109,385 per year

4. Nurse Case Manager

For students searching for a remote nursing job, the role of a Nurse Case Manager primarily involves coordinating care virtually, often necessitating only phones or computers for execution.

Primary Duties:

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of patients’ medical, psychological, and social needs to develop individualized care plans.
  • Facilitate healthcare services, referrals, and resources to meet patients’ needs and ensure continuity of care.
  • Develop discharge plans for patients leaving healthcare facilities to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care.

Skills Required:

  • Communication skills to convey medical information, provide patient education, and collaborate with healthcare teams and patients’ families.
  • Strong advocacy skills to ensure patient’s needs are met within the healthcare system.
  • Proficiency in maintaining accurate and thorough documentation of patient assessments, care plans, and progress in EHR.

Average Salary: $107,753 per year

5. Research Nurse

Research Nurses can work from home when their roles involve data analysis, administrative duties, regulatory tasks, and telemedicine-based interactions. This offers flexibility and the ability to contribute to research efforts. 

Primary Duties:

  • Identify and recruit eligible clinical trial or research study participants, explain the study’s purpose and procedures, and obtain informed consent.
  • Gather and document participant data, including medical histories, vital signs, and laboratory results.
  • Administer investigational drugs, treatments, or interventions and monitor participants for adverse reactions.

Skills Required:

  • Critical thinking skills to analyze complex medical and research data and make informed decisions based on findings.
  • Strong record-keeping skills to maintain accurate and complete research documentation and prepare progress reports.
  • Effective collaboration with the research team, principal investigators, sponsors, and other healthcare professionals to meet research objectives.

Average Salary: $105,203 per year

6. Nurse Auditor

Advances in technology, including secure telehealth platforms and electronic health records (EHRs), have made it easier for Nurse Auditors to access and review healthcare claims and medical records remotely.

Primary Duties:

  • Evaluate healthcare claims submitted by providers, hospitals, or insurance companies.
  • Assess the accuracy and appropriateness of medical coding to ensure proper billing and reimbursement.
  • Review medical records and documentation to confirm the care provided aligns with the billed services.

Skills Required:

  • Keen observation skills to spot discrepancies or errors in healthcare claims, coding, and documentation.
  • Analytical skills to analyze complex medical records and claims data to identify patterns, trends, and potential issues.
  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations, including HIPAA and Medicare, to ensure compliance.

Average Salary: $105,200 per year

7. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth Nurses are crucial to the remote nursing industry as they provide virtual consultations, assessments, and patient care through digital platforms, phone calls, or video conferencing.

Primary Duties:

  • Conduct patient assessments through video or phone calls to evaluate medical concerns and symptoms.
  • Provide patients with medical advice, guidance, and treatment recommendations, including prescription refills and specialist referrals as needed.
  • Educate patients about their health conditions, treatment plans, and self-care practices.
  • Keep track of patients’ vital signs, symptoms, and progress.

Skills Required:

  • Communication skills to convey medical information clearly to patients, families, and healthcare teams.
  • Critical thinking skills to make quick decisions and prioritize care based on the severity of a patient’s condition.
  • Familiarity with telehealth platforms, electronic health records (EHRs), and other healthcare software and tools.

Average Salary: $99,393 per year

8. Telephone Triage Nurse

The advent of telehealth and telemedicine has created a demand for remote Telephone Triage Nurses who can provide 24/7 access to healthcare advice and support, allowing patients to receive timely assistance for non-emergency medical concerns outside of regular office hours.

Primary Duties:

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of patient’s medical concerns, symptoms, and health history via phone consultations.
  • Use clinical judgment to prioritize patient cases based on the severity of their condition, directing them to appropriate levels of care.
  • Provide patients with accurate and timely medical advice, including self-care instructions and over-the-counter medication recommendations.

Skills Required:

  • Communication skills to convey medical information and instructions clearly and compassionately.
  • In-depth understanding of medical conditions, medications, and healthcare protocols to provide accurate advice.
  • Ability to provide emotional support to patients and their families.

Average Salary: $98,170 per year

9. Nurse Health Coach

Remote health coaching expands the accessibility of coaching services. It allows Nurse Health Coaches to reach clients who may live in remote areas, have mobility limitations, or face geographical constraints. This broad reach is especially valuable in promoting health and wellness in underserved communities.

Primary Duties:

  • Conduct health assessments to understand a client’s medical history, lifestyle, and wellness goals.
  • Work with clients to establish achievable health and wellness goals.
  • Provide clients with guidance, support, and motivation to help them make positive lifestyle changes and improve their health.
  • Offer information and education on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and disease prevention.

Skills Required:

  • Active listening skills to listen attentively to clients and understand their health concerns, goals, and challenges.
  • Excellent communication skills to convey health information and provide guidance and motivation.
  • Ability to empathize with clients, building a trusting and supportive relationship.

Average Salary: $96,730 per year

10. Call Center Nurse

A Call Center Nurse delivers healthcare advice and support to a diverse patient population from the comfort of their homes. With a growing demand for telehealth services, work-from-home Call Center Nurses offer job security and opportunities for professional growth.

Primary Duties:

  • Conduct telephone remote patient consultations to assess medical concerns, symptoms, and healthcare needs.
  • Provide medical advice, guidance, and treatment recommendations, including referrals to healthcare providers or specialists.
  • Educate patients on their health conditions, treatment options, self-care practices, and preventive measures.

Skills Required:

  • Effective verbal communication skills to convey medical information and guidance clearly and empathetically over the phone.
  • Time management skills to manage multiple patient cases, appointments, and follow-up calls.
  • Proficiency in handling medical emergencies and mental health crises over the phone.

Average Salary: $75,364 per year

Companies That Hire for Remote Nursing Jobs

Many companies hire for remote nursing jobs, especially in telehealth nursing, case management, and health informatics. While the availability of these positions can vary by location and demand, here are some companies and organizations that have been known to offer work-from-home opportunities for nurses:

  • UnitedHealth Group: The company offers jobs such as Telephonic Nurse Practitioner, Call Center Nurse, Clinical Investigator, and Medical Coder. 
  • Included Health: The roles offered by the company include Triage Registered Nurse, Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner Remote, Nurse Practitioner – Urgent Care, and Staff Physician – Urgent Care. 
  • CVS Health: CVS Health is one of the best healthcare services and prescriptions providers. Some jobs offered by CVS Health include Health Coach, Nurse Consultant, Case Manager, and Telehealth Registered Nurse.
  • Clover Health: Clover Health revolutionizes the U.S. healthcare and insurance sector with its commitment to innovative approaches. They offer jobs such as Home Care Nurse Practitioner, Home Care Physician Lead, and Medical Assistant
  • Cerebral: Cerebral aims to enhance access to treatment for conditions like anxiety and depression, leading the way in mental health services. On their website, you can find the following jobs, Licensed Telemedicine Therapist, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Direct Care Provider.
  • AmeriHealth Caritas: AmeriHealth Caritas is committed to providing cost-effective managed care solutions, ensuring people receive the care they need to stay well. Job openings include Health Care Manager and Care Coordinator.

Note: These job openings may change over time, and their availability can be influenced by factors such as companies transitioning to offline work culture. 

Is a Work-from-Home Nursing Job for You?

Whether a work-from-home nursing job is suitable for you depends on your individual preferences, skills, and circumstances. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Work-from-Home Nursing Jobs

Remote nursing jobs offer several advantages, making them an attractive option for healthcare professionals.

Here are some pros of pursuing these jobs:

  • Flexibility: These jobs provide greater flexibility in managing your work schedule, allowing you to balance your career with personal life, education, or other commitments.
  • Reduced Commute: Eliminating the need to commute to a physical workplace saves you time and minimizes the stress associated with daily travel.
  • Cost Savings: Working from home can lead to savings on transportation, work attire, and daily expenses associated with on-site employment, contributing to financial well-being.
  • Geographic Freedom: You’re not bound to a specific location, allowing you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility can be advantageous, particularly if you prefer a change of scenery or need to relocate.
  • Reduced Stress: Working from home can reduce stress compared to traditional in-person nursing roles. This reduction enhances overall job satisfaction and well-being, allowing you to focus more on patient care and less on the demands of a traditional workplace.

Cons of Work-from-Home Nursing Jobs

While remote nursing jobs offer numerous benefits, they have drawbacks.

It’s essential to consider these cons when evaluating whether such a position is suitable for you:

  • Isolation: Remote nursing can be isolating, as it lacks the direct interaction with colleagues and patients that traditional nursing provides. This isolation can lead to feelings of professional loneliness and reduced team collaboration.
  • Technology Challenges: These roles necessitate a strong grasp of essential technology and software. Challenges related to technical issues, such as internet outages or computer malfunctions, can disrupt your ability to provide care or perform job duties, leading to frustration or stress.
  • Limited Hands-On Care: Many remote nursing roles involve indirect patient care or administrative tasks. For those who thrive on hands-on patient interaction and clinical procedures, a work-from-home position may not align with their preferences.

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