Recruiter Reveals Proven Step-By-Step Method for Getting Job Offers in Your Interview...

Job Seekers: I'm going to show you the exact steps that hundreds of people have used to get high-paying job offers in 22 different industries... without having to memorize hundreds of answers or waste hours looking for help online. But first... I have a question for you:

Do you know anyone that has a great career, but you know you’re smarter than?

Or have you ever interviewed for a job you knew you could do, but the company chose someone else?

Well, that was me at the start of my career.

I saw people who had the jobs I wanted, and I knew I could do the work. But I couldn’t get the job offers.

I prepared a ton for my interviews and memorized as many answers as I could. But I always received the same bad news: “Sorry, we chose somebody who we felt was better qualified.”

(I eventually found out why they always say this... I’ll tell you in a minute).

Eventually, I found a job and it happened to be as a recruiter (I got the job by blind luck… they had 10 openings so they weren’t too picky).

So I got trained and started learning everything about recruiting and hiring.

Fast forward four years and I had recruited for some of the best companies out there: Spotify, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, FanDuel, Birchbox, eBay, Etsy and about 30 more.

I discovered what hiring managers really look for in the interview room and how they decide who gets the job.

Here are a few things I realized that will help you right away:

1. The hiring manager wants you to say the right things.

They wouldn’t be interviewing people if they didn’t need to fill this job. So the hiring manager is sitting there hoping you give good answers so they can feel comfortable hiring you. It might not feel like it sometimes but they’re on your side. Now check out this next idea and it’ll start to make more sense…

2. In over half the questions they ask you, they’re looking to see how you think.

...Even more than whether you can give the perfect answer. For example if they ask you: “Let’s say your boss is out sick and there’s an angry customer or client, how would you handle it?” You’re probably sitting there nervous about being wrong. But the reality is they just want to hear what you’re thinking.

If you start talking about what your different options are, what you’d try first, and why… all of a sudden you’re giving them a clear view of how you think about problems. And it makes them feel way more comfortable hiring you. Even if they would have handled the situation differently than you.

Write these two points down and remind yourself before your next interview. You'll thank me for it. 

Anyway, since getting that first job as a recruiter, I quickly advanced my own career, and more than double my salary.

Within a few years I went from being angry and jealous of those who had “made it” to being excited about my future.

If not for this lucky break I have no doubt I’d still be unhappy and frustrated in my career.

I Totally Get It...

If you’re feeling frustrated or stuck in your job search, it’s not your fault. You’ve probably heard a million opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and now you’re not sure what to do…

That’s OK. This is what I do, so help is coming.

Why companies never tell you why you weren't hired

I mentioned earlier that companies never give honest feedback after your interview.

I found out why: They’re afraid of discrimination lawsuits. So they tell every applicant the same thing when they reject you (they chose someone who was a better fit, or something generic like that).

So if you picked up some bad advice a few years back or you’re just making a few small mistakes, you’ll never know.

And if you’ve been through a few rejections, it really lowers your confidence! I get it.

Fortunately, I’ve taken everything I learned as a recruiter and combined it into a simple step-by-step system that will show you exactly what to do before and during your interview to get the job offer.

And I’ve made it as brain-dead easy as possible. The only hard part was discovering and fine-tuning everything, which I’ve done for you.

Introducing: How to Ace Your Job Interview 2.0

What's Inside:

How to Ace Your Job Interview is a 49 page step-by-step guide for job seekers who want to learn exactly what to do and say to get hired in their next interview.

Everything in here is designed to help you feel more confident and prepared so you can walk out with a job offer.

And it’s jam-packed with examples, do’s and don’ts, and answers you can copy to completely remove the guesswork from your interview.

The System is Divided into 5 Parts:

  • How to prepare for your interview to maximize job offers
  • How to give perfect answers for behavioral and competency-based questions
  • How to finish your interview, send "thank you" emails, find good references, and everything else you'll need to land the job offer
  • Specific tips and strategies to help you in phone interviews
  • Specific tips and strategies to help you in face-to-face interviews

What You'll Learn:

  • My 13 step preparation method that I've tested and developed over the past half decade as a recruiter. This will get you ready to walk in and show any hiring manager why they should offer you the job. 
  • More than 50 different examples of answers you should and shouldn’t give for the toughest questions you’ll face.
  • ​The real reasons why hiring managers start with common questions like “Tell me about yourself,” and what they’re testing you for (Hint: it’s not what you think).
  • How to “tailor” your answers so the hiring manager is nodding their head thinking “yes” – this is the person we should hire.
  • ​The 2 “hidden signs” that can tell you what the interviewer wants most from a candidate, so you can show them the traits they’re looking for and be confident in each answer you give.
  • ​How to be authentic and get the job offer while staying true to yourself, even if you are shy, quiet or introverted.
  • ​The 3 steps that will save your interview if they ask a question you’re not sure how to answer (It’s easier than it sounds if you follow these 3 steps. I learned this from a former boss with 22 years of experience).
  • ​The dreaded salary question: Learn exactly what to say and do when they ask what you’re currently earning or what you’re looking to earn (without freaking out or feeling cornered).
  • The 3 types of questions you can ask in your interview to boost your chance at getting hired and make the hiring manager genuinely like you (plus the 4 things you should never ask).
  • How to finish your interview step-by-step to maximize your chance at getting the job offer, plus one commonly-suggested question that you should never ask them at the end (yet many so-called “experts” continue to dangerously recommend).
  • How and when to follow up by email, with word-for-word templates you can copy. (Most people skip one important step here and miss a big opportunity to close the deal).

I Can't Take Full Credit for the System

Before putting this together I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew in the HR and recruiting industry and everyone who had been successful in job interviews. I talked with top hiring managers, read everything available on the subject, and merged it with my own personal experiences to develop this system…

It is truly the best of what I’ve found, and it’s fast to learn so you can implement this immediately. And it’s simple enough that anyone can use it. If you can read this page you can follow these steps.

Why "Pioneers Get Scalped"

There is an old saying in business “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper.” Think about it… You can go out and try this on your own through trial and error.

But can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system from dozens of “Pioneers” before you… who made hundreds of costly mistakes before being successful?

This guide typically sells for $79.00, but I’ve recently updated to a new edition (2.0) with added info, and I want to give access to as many people as possible……Which is why I’m offering it for only $27 right now.

Yep... Just $27

Imagine the moment you find out you’re being offered a job... How relieved will you feel?

If you call me up right now and work with me one-on-one… this is going to cost you ten times as much. And it’d still be a pretty good investment for what you’d get.

And with the guide you’ll have access to this information whenever you want. You can print it out, carry it with you, and refer back to it at any time.

What To Do Next:

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128 Interview Questions” ( $17 value)

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Bonus #2: 

9 Tricks to Calm Your Nerves” ( $14 value)

Our special report with 9 research-backed techniques to crush anxiety and eliminate stress in the moments leading up to your interview. These are based on scientific research and will work right away, even a few moments before your interview (when you tend to feel most nervous).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: How is the guide delivered?

ANSWER: You’ll receive your download link right to your email after you order. You’ll get the guide in PDF and e-book formats so you can use this on your computer, iPad, smartphone, Kindle or other e-reader. That way you can practice up to the minute you go into your interview!

QUESTION: Why E-book over traditional book?

ANSWER: We created this guide as a downloadable product so you can get instant access and start preparing right away without having to wait (and so you don’t have to pay for shipping!).

QUESTION: How long will it take to get my copy?

ANSWER: You will get the guide (with the bonus) delivered to you via email within two minutes of your purchase, so you can get started immediately.

QUESTION: My field is unique. How do I know if this will work in my industry?

ANSWER: Good question. Hiring managers use many of the same interview techniques in every industry. I’ve coached job seekers in biotech, pharmaceuticals, software, IT, and manufacturing and seen it work in all of these. Here are some other industries where my readers have gotten job offers with this method: biology, nursing, healthcare, sales, retail, education, non-profits, government, finance, law, accounting, engineering, customer service, data science, marketing, web design, project management, HR and more.

QUESTION: I don’t think well on my feet. How is this going to help me?

ANSWER: This guide is going to show you some simple ways to know what each hiring manager wants before the interview even starts. If you follow my steps you’ll be better prepared and you’ll actually have to do a lot less thinking on your feet. A big part of what I recommend is taking your time, asking them to repeat a question if needed, and pausing if you need more time to think. I explain all of this and show you the right way to do it. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the guide and something I use myself in every interview I go on.

QUESTION: I like to be spontaneous so I’ll get nervous if I have ideas prepared. Won’t these steps just make it harder?

ANSWER: Not at all, being spontaneous is great. I actually don’t recommend memorizing too many answers word-for-word because you won’t sound authentic. This guide will give you the big do’s and don’ts, the best ways to prepare to make the interview as comfortable as possible, and plenty of examples of questions and answers. But you don’t need to memorize answers beforehand. You’ll still walk in and be able to be spontaneous, just with a much better idea of what the hiring manager wants (and a few tricks in case you run into a tough curveball question).

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?

ANSWER: Yep…all our trainings have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

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To your success,

Biron Clark