Infographic Shows Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs and How Much They Pay

I received an email with this Infographic last week asking if I’d post it on the site. I don’t usually post this type of content but I thought this info is actually pretty unique and interesting. Pleasant surprise (there are some BAD Infographics out there trust me).

These are the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. I think the list excludes some very niche areas that might be more dangerous, but with a much smaller sample size. So this is a list of the deadliest and most dangerous big industries that employ a large number of works.

Also included is the salary for each. I found that to be the interesting part: How dangerous is a job, versus how much does the average person earn for performing it.

I was surprised by relatively low salaries for some of these dangerous jobs but others seem to pay really well.

How many of these jobs would you be willing to try? Here’s the full list:

The World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs:



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