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how to create the best elevator pitch

How to Create the Best Elevator Pitch (With Examples)

First Things First… What is an Elevator Pitch? Essentially it’s a short summary about yourself and what you do, in the time it takes to ride an elevator. You have to be able to deliver and convince in that time frame. That’s the famous 30 second “elevator pitch”. And it can be for anything. Finding a […]

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Don't Make This One Networking Mistake

Don’t Make This One Networking Mistake!

Are you making the mistake of ignoring face to face networking opportunities? When I say “networking”, you probably think of Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. I know it can be tempting to neglect face to face networking in modern times. Networking online is quicker, easier, and safer (more comfortable with less chance of embarrassment). But you’re […]

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making a good first impression

5 Tips to Instantly Make A Great First Impression

A lot of factors go into making a good first impression. Most people spend a lot of time the night before an important interview or meeting rehearsing what they’re going to say, while neglecting to think about other factors. How you actually present yourself can be far more important than the words coming out of […]

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