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where do you see yourself in 5 years interview question

How to Answer “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?” (Interview Question)

The problem: Who honestly knows where they’ll be in 5 years? That doesn’t mean you won’t be asked though. And you can definitely use this as a chance to impress… I’ll explain how. How to Answer: “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”   The Most Important Thing to Realize When the interviewer asks where you […]

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105 questions to ask in job interview

105 Smart Questions to Ask the Interviewer

The most overlooked key to job interview success: The questions you choose to ask the interviewer. They can be the deciding factor in whether or not you’re hired. I’ve seen it first hand. So… do you have a plan for what you’re going to ask when they put you in the hot seat? Here’s a list of 100+ great questions […]

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how to outsmart online job application systems

How to Outsmart Online Job Application Systems

I received an email last week from a Boston University Graduate, Amanda Wilks, with a really great idea of a topic to cover: How to outsmart online job application systems. She was open to writing the full article to teach you everything you need to know. So I’ll let her take it from here… How to Create a […]

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how to find a job fast with linkedin rapidfire method

How One Of My Readers Got 3 Interviews – And a Job Offer – In Less Than 1 Hour on LinkedIn (Case Study)

The brutal truth of job searching is this: If you want to find a job fast, you need to apply a LOT. It doesn’t matter how good your resume is. Why? Companies post job openings and then change their mind. Or they change the requirements. Or they decide to “hold off” for a month, which turns into three months or forever. […]

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why do you want this job

How to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?” (Interview Question)

There are some VERY common mistakes to avoid when answering this question, and it’s something you need to think about before going into the interview. Here’s what to do to prepare: Job Interview Answer For “Why Do You Want This Job?”   First watch the short video above, it’ll walk you through how to give a great answer […]

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brain teaser interview questions google apple facebook

8 Tough Brain Teaser Interview Questions and Answers from Google, Apple and Facebook

Silicon valley tech companies are famous for asking some pretty crazy brain-teaser interview questions… I wanted to find out exactly what these questions involve. And how difficult they are to answer. I spent a day on and a few other sites to come up with the 8 hardest and most interesting interview questions out there. […]

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tell me about yourself

How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” (Interview Question)

This might be the most common interview question you’ll see to break the ice at the start of your interview: “Tell me about yourself”. It’s not just a casual icebreaker though. There are a couple of BIG traps with this question… Job Interview Answer For “Tell Me About Yourself”   1. Give a Brief Walkthrough of Your […]

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How To Tailor Your Resume To A Job Description

How To Tailor Your Resume For Any Job

If you’ve read any type of resume advice online there’s a good chance you saw many recommendations that you should tailor your resume for each job. You’re probably wondering- Is it really necessary?? It might be tempting to skip it, because yes- it takes time. But it really will make a huge difference in the number of companies […]

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what is your greatest weakness

How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?” (Interview Question)

The “greatest weakness” interview question is definitely tough to answer, and unfortunately it’s very common in job interviews. In this article I’ll show you: Why hiring managers ask “what’s your greatest weakness?” The old method for answering A new, even better for answering Tips and mistakes to avoid while answering so that you don’t do […]

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tips for interviews

Interview Tip: 5 Things Every Hiring Manager is Looking For

After reading this article you’ll feel calmer in your interviews because you’ll know what the interviewer is thinking when they ask each question.  I’d recommend taking a look at this before starting to practice individual questions and answers. You can see all 5 interview tips in the video below, or scroll down and read the article for […]

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why did you leave your last job

How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” (Interview Question)

If you’re unemployed while job searching it’s especially scary to hear them ask about the reason for leaving your last job. But even if you’re currently employed the interviewer might ask you about past job changes and reasons for leaving. The whole topic is filled with potential traps, so I’m going to show you how to get past this question […]

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sample questions and answers what to say in job interview

What to Say in a Job Interview: Questions and Example Answers

Wondering how to answer common interview questions, and some of the things you should avoid saying at the same time? There are some simple rules you can follow to succeed. Here’s a quick guide on what to say in a job interview in many common situations. These job interview questions and answers will prepare you for the topics you’ll likely face […]

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